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CHF v4.1 Change Log
Bond009Date: Wednesday, 19-Mar-2014, 6:25 PM | Message # 1
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Game Fixes:
--fix so cant use -test afk and -gold color when its -no pool mode
--fix glitch with TT and mana dragon it kills before spells used so there is no cd
--fix wait times during voting modes so if someone lags the voting time doesn't still pass
--fix owl shop in middle from stopping when it uses hero select
--fix memory code leak in pet dying event
--fix item replace code for double items like cleave crit together
--fix so heros cant blink or portal into shop areas
--fix players main towers dying when -kill color is typed
--fix rod of envy sleep to not be able to get out of stun/invuln state also fix the cd for the item to be 120 sec like it should have been.
--fix time in chf to not lose a sec every 1 min (Sec Less than 59) and add hour var to display nicer
--Goatzilla, fix life link and made speed boost as good as item
--fix panda to add 1 wood not set to 1
--fix Cleaving Attack tooltip description "The Pit Lord strikes...". to Hero
--fix so starting items are placed if -repick is used in abilities area 2
--maybe fixed avatar tooltip lvl 2 after opts
--fix so MR cant be used on Alter of the gods
--make so hero starting items cant be killed or stolen from being too close to the store area edge
--fix so tower rez item and pet rez cant be sold by noobs
--changed so -music command doesnt turn on till 4.3 mins of game time
--nerf CyRay hero slightly to balance its difficulty to click on and made size .1 bigger
--fix -avg command to show the whole list, it stops when there is a player that left game
--Fix 2 Hero mass - checking if players with no hero have >= 1900 gold and are still playing and some other checks
--Fix using MR on a hero then using the Enchanted Gemstone to make the hero get stuck in the hidden room with owning player in main map view
--Fix some of the store hotkeys for buying items
--fix item tooltip on stampede and sea of fire
--fix bill glitch being able to be killed with dispel
--fix owl from dying by dark matter
--fix losing hero wood by repairing death tower
--Pitlord buff movement speed
--Hulk buff movement speed
--fix Polar Bear being charmed at level 2
((cant be done))Glitch with FF + illusions = illusions couldn’t be dispelled
??Base glitch after disconnect / kick (no idea..)
((cant fix, but neat affect)) Lizzard after devouring golem automatically kills golem if the lizzard dies while in hex
((Fix the fact that you can heal inferno lvl 1 with death coil and lvl 2, 3 with holy light (i kinda like this idk why its a bad thing?)
--fix Multi shot tower so it can kill serpent wards
--put text tips on item and lizard ww that can slip free from nets
--test music menu and pausing game to test no clicking glitch (was fine, nothing happened)
--fix that test afk doesn't work with wood
--make jammy have a 60 more cd time into mass so it cant dispell buffs for ppl not buying hero 160sec to 220sec
--add 10% more attack buff to mass scroll
--allow zeppelins to be attacked even with -no tk
--make it Unable mass TP on buildings until lvl3 MT
--doubled the reward gold given for killing a long hero streak
--when typing -control color make skill mb show again
--Redo code to not give dark ritual, and weak version of cleave in ARS
--add -10K and -SDS to title
--make so bat cant fly deep in other teams store area
--remove naga units when a hero repicks
--make the back store gate need less hits
--win codes no longer able to force modes
--fix so dash and sky impact cant go in all the edge areas to glitch etc..
--finish adding new spells in the code and fix so i can sell the ones i take out of the range
--when inviz is casted on a unit it will remove dust buff from target unit
--add new master hero icon and change the heros voice
--make so dark matter can go past anti enemies in store area
--add new dmg buff plate armor to some not-so-good not often used heros
--make a vote system for -SDS mode and review some code in new sds system
--make jammy and PoP from priority 7 to 6
--buffed undead t4 by 100hp
--fix so Rod of Envy wont be blocked by Amulet of spell shield
--changed tower to not be spell immune so had to change dispel to not target buildings
--minor adjustments in movespeed or slight stats changes not noted when i did it so i forgot

--buff cannon from 800 to 850 range and its splash aoe to affect wards
--buff catapult aoe to affect wards
--make bats cheaper from 150 to 135 gold
--change bob the newts food cost from 1 to 3, and remove Rskin neutHostile2 (not needed for what they were meant for)
--increase cd of newts net from 10 to 15
--make killing the wizard creep give 150ish gold
--set mana dragons max mana from 200 to 150
--add 40 sec start stock delay cooldown for blank golem
--Increase a bit scale size of newt (to make them easier to click)
--Demolisher = make from 6 to lvl 7 unit so its Un-transmutable till lvl3
--lower Lizzards start stock delay cd from 360 to 300 sec
--peng of heros buff attack dmg by 8
--Joza the Elder Priest add 100 hp
--Goatzilla bash from 5% to 50%
--Blank golem from 2 food to 3
--polar bear roar from 65 to 75% also can't be charmed in bear form
--Nerf current Priest 1000 anti-magic Shell to 800
--add new Priest of Power to work with same as Joza's staff item

--make cd less for divine net item from 120 to 40 sec and from 75 to 50 gold
--make healing wards and deadly wards both have stock of 2 before mass
--make Bonds Dagger blink distance from 1000 to 1200
--lower price of Bond's Dagger of Escape from 1175 to 1125 to 975
--spell immune item make from 16.5 to 15.5k
--add new Speed Boots of the Wind item recipe
--lower intimidating shout from 380 to 210 to 180 gold and lower cd from 10 to 5sec
--increase charge count of 2000 Scroll of Healing to 2
--lower ww price by 100
--lower price of Tome of Retraining from 485 to 425
--lower price of Scroll of Beatings from 3200 to 1875
--lower price of Scroll of Protection from 1500 to 1400
--lower price Staff of Silence from 75 to 65
--add new Cloak of Fire Recipe
--add new Item of relearning 'Power of the Mind Potion' or 'Mind Purity Potion' (cant be used in -ars -crt- sds and -classic modes)
--add 100hp and change name and increase price of Medallion of Honor from 500 to 650
--fix tool tip on reset hero potion
--changed Shield of the Gods to Shield of Heros and made a new lesser shield named shield of knights
--add Dark Matter item
--add footmen shield
--add captains shield
--add shield of Kings
--add new Shield of the Gods recipe and item
--add new item - Enchanted Amulet of Strength 5% chance to do 20x dmg (only str heros can carry)
--Nuke = increase invuln cd from 60 to 120sec, increase nuke cd from 1.4 regen to 1.0 so about ~6.5mins before re-use
--Power of the Priest cd from 600 to 510 secs
--make +25 str fist be +35 and add +50 gold
--lower price of pengs of Heros from 9550 to 8750
--added Spell Barricade shield item and make new item shield break net
--lower tank token restock cd from 180 to 120
--add Jump Attack staff of displacement item
--Cloak of ninja = increase recipe price from 600 to 750
--lower Spiked Chain Armor Recipe from 1500 to 1400
--Buff item Pet Spawn to last from 2 to 5 mins
--Rod of Envy from 1800 to 1975
--Scroll of Healing from 2000 to 1750
--Orb of frost 600 instead of 750
--Orb of static 650 instead of 750
--Totem of Might 2min less restock time but same start stock delay
--Totem of Might 1075 instead of 1200
--Sobi Mask from 250 to 175 gold
--Crystal Ball from 500 to 400
--Mana stone buff from 600 to 1000
--Talisman of Evasion from 350 to 245
--Intel Recipe from 500 to 480 gold
--buff Scroll of Mana aoe range and mana gain by 200
--Night Terror Armor added 200 mana gain
--Firehand Gauntlets from 1500 to 1250
--Fists of the Titans from 1850 to 1750
--Ring of Regeneration from 350 to 250

--buff lvl 5 Spiked Carapace from 125 to 150%
--buff Frost Armor from 4/8/12/16/20/25 to 8/12/17/22/28/35
--nerf Divine Shield 8/10/12/14/16/20 to 6/8/10/12/14/18
--nerf Explosion cd from 30/75/120 to 45/90/140
--nerf transmute cd from 60/80/100 to 80/100/120
--make transmute show the target unit before its xmuted
--Donation not count summons, lower amount given from 5/8/12 to 4/7/10 increase cd 65/90/120 to 85/110/145 mana cost 200/250/300 to 200/300/400
--nerf lvl 6 Trueshot from 90 to 85%
--Make Earthquake not hurt allied buildings
--nerf Flame strike from 9/22/35/48/62/90 to 8/17/29/42/58/75 [(4/.33)lvldmg + half dmg] and add .5 sec cd each lvl
--Flame strike did 9=108->96 22=264->204 35=420->348 48=576->504 62=744->696 90=1080->900 (not even counting half damage) lvl6 from 18 to 14
--shrink the scale size of beetles and trees a bit
--nerf summon beetles damage 1-2dmg each lvl
--Serpant wards made them not spell immune (but 99% of spells still wont affect them)
--buff tranquility aoe affect and regen lvl2 and lvl3
--nerf MR add 10 sec cd to each lvl 170/180/190 and add 50 mana cost to lvl 1 and 3 250/300/450
--nerf druids cd time by 5sec each lvl and +25 mana cost each lvl
--nerf extra blink ability for heros starting with blink costing 25 more mana and increase cd time from 22 to 35
--buff life drain by making targeted unit order hold position
--nerf shaman coil from 700 to 550
--buff Reincarnation cd time from 240/180/120 to 220/160/100
--nerf Druids = lower hp from 3000 to 2750
--death tower nerf lvl 2 from 4000 to 3500 hp and remove spell immune from all
--nerf serpent wards early cd and lvl 5-6 hp from 215 to 175 and changed lvl 1 form magic to pierce
--mass tp no longer can tp on buildings till lvl 3
--nerf earlier lvls of banish - buff late lvls
--nerf Frost Nova = change lvl1 from 75 to 70 aoe and lvl2 from 125 to 120
--Death coil decrease cd from 6/7/8/9/10/9 to +1sec each lvl
--Nerf trents armor -1 armor per lvl
--Command aura only for melee units and range from 500/550/600/650/750/850 to 600/675/750/825/900/1000
--buff death pack reverse cd and later lvl mana gain
--FF wont push out peasants with pes armor
--Fan of knives slight damage cap buff
--Howl of terror = increase duration fix tooltips
--Doom buff hp -> At lvl 2 1800 hp instead of 1650 hp and lvl 3 2550 hp instead of 2350 hp
--Lava spawn = add immolation at higher lvls
--Summon stone = add a bit magic resist
--Raging storm slightly buff dmg at lv4 +2, 5 +3, 6 +2 and buff duration.
--zoz = buff lvl 4 from 50 to 55 lvl5 from 80 to 90 lvl6 from 125 to 150, added range lvl5-6
--ISUK hero nerf the magic shield to 300Hp spell from 400
--buff ww for lizard from 10 to 40 dmg
--shadow strike range from 400/450/500/600/700/800 to 550/600/650/700/750/850
--Mana burn increase range from 400/400/450/500/550/650 to 450/500/550/600/650/750 to 500/550/600/650/700/800
--Make mana drain to go past max lvl of mana also for wizard
--fix holy Light to be able to heal pets
--reptile stealth can now avoid nets when used
--make upgrades not take as long for later lvls
--buff soul burn by 15 dmg each lvl and Increase range each lvl
--turtle devour cast from 125 to 75 mana cost
--inviz can now cast self and from 300 to 450 range
--buffed naga units attack every level
--change command aura to only affect melee and lvl6 from 65% to 80%
--Searing arrow - mana costs : 8/10/12/14/16/30 to 7/9/11/13/15/22
--Frost arrows : 10/10/10/10/12/15 to 7/8/9/10/12/15
--buff doom slightly each lvl
--slightly buff acid each lvl
--buff ravens slightly each lvl
--buff Anti-magic Shell less cd each lvl
--change cyclone to be able to be casted on allied units
--Rain of fire Increase area with lvl
--buff Death and decay slight buff with spell cd 15sec each lvl
--buff Big bad voodoo AoE buff and 20sec less each lvl
--buff Volcano - timing, aoe, and waves
--buff Stampede lvl 2 and 3 by 20dmg
--buff Tornado of Fire less cd lvl 1 and 2 by 20 secs and buffed dmg on lvl2 by 10 and lvl3 by 20
--buff Animate dead lowering cd on lvl1 by 60 sec and lvl 2 by 30 also lvl2 added 2 raised and lvl3 added 4 raised
--Fan of knives can cut through nets now to get free
--buff Sea of Flames lvl 2 by 20dmg and 3 by 30dmg
--Silence aoe size increase by a base of 50
--buff Quilbeast magic resistance
--Locust swarm - Reduce CD from 180/150/120 to 160/135/110
--Infernal cleave now affects serpent wards like tower splash does
--buff wolfs lvl 4-6 crit strike x3 and x4

Game Modes:
--fix CTF from not being able to target units becuz they are Ancients
--make so peasant cant hold a ammy of recall in CTF mode
--lower the CTF Base Secret Weapon cd stock delay from 240 to 120 and increase aoe by 200
--lower the price of base Secret Weapon from 400 to 250 and cd from 120 to 60
--increased the HP given to the bases t1-t5 in CTF mode
--change xp given for getting a flag from 50 to 100xp
--make so if ctf is on 6v6 auto goes to top vs bottom
--changed it so CTF and FTD can be played together at once
--fix tooltip for Safety Wards item that it can be used while holding flag
--added skills point to the new skills MB system for saving your flag and getting a flag point

--Unshare doesn't work with ally who aren't normally in your team so added command -Unshare to force it
--6vs6 allow all units besides foots to go through portal so they dont go over when killing feed in the corner
--make it so -wood color works from other team in 6v6 top v bottom and 1+3vs2+4

--make FTD mode have a all allied w/o vision mode so its more like a chill TD game mode
--put ward in middle for FTD creeps to see inviz units to channel ultis cant be abused
--creep players are now allies with vision for ward to be shared
--make some creep waves inviz like the ghosts
--fix all FTD units not dying when a team leaves or is killed/dead
--fix returning of wave units to proper team
--change pet to gain 750hp instead of 350 now in ftd
--When CTF and FTD modes are combined tower shop is piled up one on another (all re-coded)
--ftd add +300 gold to all players in Hard Mode

**New legit -1v1 Mode
--make teams 1v1 with everything to macro and micro full 3v3 teams
--give 1v1 users ownership of all building units
--make gold auto given to user from ally kills
--give 1225 extra starting gold and extra units for mass to simulate a 3v3 game
--give normal control of allied units
--make ally players give bounty when units killed
--Add to the Finish HIM life less than 750
--make normal attack and defense upgrades given to ally units as well
--give allies of 1v1 users first race upgrade
--fix so when player 1 or 7 base dies game is not over
--make it so -control playercolor works for anyone if they want full shared control of allied units

**SDS Mode
--New Single Draft Skills Mode that gives 18~20 normal skills and 6 Ulti's for all teams to pick from
--fix double check trigger for filtering ulti doubles
--change so you can only repick before getting first spell
--fix if someone drops/leaves game while in sds room

**10K Mode
--added new 10,000 gold mode voting where all players start with 10k gold
--made vote menu with code -10K
--made pooling off comes default with the mode
--Mode requires 1 win to call vote

**New Added: (not everything that is new is in this area)
--added new modes
--added dark matter item spell
--added Final Blast ulti
--add new Magic Mirror ulti
--add new Arctic Storm ulti
--add new Mass Lasso ulti
--add new Heros Spirit ulti
--add Charging Dash ability
--add Sky Impact ability
--add new slow ability
--add a sound for when the 10sec mass warning is
--made command for -pool off cost 10 less wins (now 25 wins)
--store players zoom distance to help with some modes and affects
--allow players to just type -zoom to zoom full 2500, or if user zoomed to any # for example 2100 typing "-zoom" will go back to last distance
--add real hero glow to heros that are custom
--make abilities sell-able within shop area 1 to allow ability repicks without having to repick hero
--Added New Skills Ranking MB System, very legit accurate player pts ranking
--Remove the total kills counter
--Make MB show every place full share control is given, -test afk, player leaving, -full share
--Add -Show MB command in case Skills MB is hidden somehow
--add a Damage command -Dmg that shows the total damage you gave to heros and total damage taken to your heros
--change -PK to display info with less words to fit long names
--Add Hero deaths to -PK command
--add armor and shield upgrades at new hidden shop
--added few new recipes
--changed some items store locations
--add new stores in hidden shop
--added new Staff of Gryphons item
--new shield to block dmg and spells for 1 sec
--add new Mass music
--Add defaults hotkeys for item shops (Q,W,E,R / A,S,D,F / Z,X,C)

After 4.1 beta
--fix bash % on goat to be from 50 to 20%
--mass song thru both channels only sound now
--change priest of power to new model
--balance death tower repair time and cost
--add a .5 cd time each lvl to dash and sky impact
--make slow cost +5 mana instead of +10
--add in loading screen
--fix regions for the new move spells
--make pet not get attacked by frost ulti and add so ulti can attack wards
grays hero was invuln and his hero didnt go in sds room but his screen got locked in sds area the whole game?
--fix Alter of the gods giving way too much gold from hero dmg pts+gold
--lower newt fort armor from 4 to 2
--lower tauren aoe dmg darks from 240 to 220 and t4 from 180 to 160
--buff t4 elition hp by 100 and attack rate by .1
--buff t4 human hp by 100 and attack rate by .3
--Archer - gold reward base from 15 to 12, piercing attack with medium armor
--Ghoul - normal attack with heavy armor reward gold from 20-25 to 15-20ish -4base
--Grunt - Siege attack with heavy armor, rewards gold from 40~43 to 35~38ish -5base
--Rifle man - Reduce kill rewards gold from 39~43 to 30~35ish base 30 to 22
--Head hunter rewards gold base 32 to 26
--Huntress rewards gold base 35 to 30
--make ghost shade cost 1 food and lower spell reduction %
--make sds get more skills - give 8 ultis and 22 normal
--make sky impact hotkey X
--add tooltip for doom only works on creep lvl5 and below
--rebuff Medivh back to what he use to be before ppl stopped using him
--add rock hero to test its balance
--increase aoe from 700 to 900 for mass lasso
--blank attack base from 45 to 41 and price from 450 to 475
--newt add 50 gold to cost from 375 to 425 gold
--buff Slow cd times
--Frost arrow increase current chill duration time each lvl on heros and units
--Drunken haze Buff duration time
--Searing arrow Buff damage from 15/35/55/75/95/170 to 25/45/65/85/110/180
--Summon Hawk Fix 2nd attack target to also be anti-air and make lv1 attack enemies
--Soul Burn : Increase casting range by 50 each lvl
--Blood Lust : reduce cd from 30/26/22/18/14/12 to 20/19/18/16/14/12
--Banish lower CD at lvl6 from 6.5 to 1
--Healing spray : reduce skill effect time from 1sec to 0.5sec
--Scout owl Reduce mana burn CD slightly
--Raging Storm : Reduce CD from 19/21/22/23/24/25 to 19/18/17/16/15/14
--Yamato : Buff damage 1200/2200/3200 so lv1 can kill blank golem at 1 shot
--Heros changed to Undead type: Bonds Guardian, soundwaves, Swift Striker, Fox, and Warrior Mage
--Claws of Ultimate Devastation recipe from 3k to 2500
--Claws of Ultimate Devastation from 4.5k to 4000
--Reduce Demon hunter Metamorphosis ultimate CD time from 240/260/280 to 200/210/220
--Buff ice dragon ultimate splash dmg AoE
--Blank Golem armor from 5 to 4
--buff Doom cast range and lvl 2 stomp ability


Adam_CZDate: Friday, 08-Jan-2016, 2:09 PM | Message # 241
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Quote 13eastynl ()
Will you release 4.1 in year 2014 ?

ROFL i cant stop laughing at this... there is year 2016 and 4.1 still nowhere biggrin
lotrrotkDate: Friday, 08-Jan-2016, 2:20 PM | Message # 242
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Quote Adam_CZ ()
ROFL i cant stop laughing at this... there is year 2016 and 4.1 still nowhere
2020 Adam remember 2020

Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me
Adam_CZDate: Friday, 08-Jan-2016, 4:07 PM | Message # 243
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Nobody will play Warcraft 3 in year 2020. Thats obviously.
lotrrotkDate: Friday, 08-Jan-2016, 4:20 PM | Message # 244
Zombie Pirate
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Quote Adam_CZ ()
Nobody will play Warcraft 3 in year 2020.

Trust me they will
I can bet my CD keys on that
If nobody is playing Wc3 by 2020 you can have my cd key but if people are then yay I guess wink

Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me
FirNesSDate: Friday, 08-Jan-2016, 5:48 PM | Message # 245
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By 2020 wc4 will be released, trust me

13eastynlDate: Saturday, 09-Jan-2016, 3:20 AM | Message # 246
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Quote FirNesS ()
By 2020 wc4 will be released, trust me
You think? They earning so much money on WoW idk bro.
I am waiting for 4.1 Bond, i think a lot of old player want to try.
angrylucasrogerDate: Monday, 11-Jan-2016, 1:36 PM | Message # 247
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4.1 not good version. better do best 4.0 version  fix all our bags etc.
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