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M.I.L.F who is guy?
mmaiadossantos53Date: Saturday, 16-May-2015, 12:24 PM | Message # 1
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name: m.i.l.f
Realm: is various realms.
+info: he obtained powers reserved in CHF , he abuses reserved forcing players to kick in slot 1 red.Custom Hero Footies # 83 chatlist check it out and goes to kick slot 1 red
 ''someone look at that player and remove this x permission reserved, can only be reserved for administrators wisely''

''If You Can't Win The Game''
''If You Can't Solve The Puzzle''
''You'Re Nothing But A Loser''
JaneFox2666Date: Sunday, 17-May-2015, 9:03 AM | Message # 2
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Hi mmaiadossantos53

link game + proof.