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Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » ban iftheshoefits. (ban iftheshoefits.)
ban iftheshoefits.
ic3dt3aDate: Thursday, 16-Jul-2015, 9:47 PM | Message # 16
Robotic Ninja
Group: Investor
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since this is no longer about banning, i guess i'll throw in my thought.

i prefer to get aboms as they attack much faster with auras(i mostly play ars, so using bill ring).
taurens are good if ur opponent doesnt have a ward of the gods in their base(some people use a WotGs when they are getting base killed o.O) since their splash pretty much wipes out units easily.
morts are like ranged baby taurens
knights, lol? they are only good for bash and micro, most ppl dont really attempt or bother to micro them this late in the game(by late i mean ssd 300% UIM GAY mode)
dryads are good for BK if the opponent has mass units, WotG, and ToT since u can up their range. however, most people just make them attack a base, so they usually end up making a large circular ring blocking other units from entering and render their upgrades(with command and trueshot auras for u ssd froobs) useless. bring them all in before u focus attack, please.
BajsHoranDate: Friday, 17-Jul-2015, 2:28 AM | Message # 17
Group: Game Mod
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mby  I should ban everyone so chf bot is only open for me n ice to play ars ssd pool off no gay heros uim = ban mode

if u donate u will be able to rail the games

Green Man - im so jeallous of ur elo
lotrrotkDate: Friday, 17-Jul-2015, 10:04 AM | Message # 18
Zombie Pirate
Group: Game Mod
Messages: 1257
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Quote BajsHoran ()
only open for me n ice to play
What about me? 
Are you still mad I somehow managed to beat you :P

Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me
Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » ban iftheshoefits. (ban iftheshoefits.)
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