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Sunday, 26-Mar-2017, 10:39 PM
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Ban drugdealer maphack
F®iënЫDate: Friday, 03-Jul-2015, 12:38 PM | Message # 1
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That link up was replay for proof biggrin
Please do something to him !!!
really annoying !!!

Hello Im EnvisLove , Nice Too Meet You All ^.^
AllstarJonesDate: Friday, 03-Jul-2015, 1:29 PM | Message # 2
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can u please link the game to from

Added (03-Jul-2015, 1:29 PM)

custom hero footies! #74    honestly I don't think its maphack, just a lot of donotation ive played with drugdealer before and I didn't see any problems

Often imitated Never Duplicated
Adam_CZDate: Sunday, 05-Jul-2015, 6:25 AM | Message # 3
Robotic Ninja
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i know DrugDealer... he is old player from EFB-Bot (long time ago he was playing with account "LittleFairy") and i think he is not using MH
PLusDate: Sunday, 05-Jul-2015, 8:25 AM | Message # 4
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Quote Adam_CZ ()
(long time ago he was playing with account "LittleFairy")
Ugh, you're like a detector

Message edited by PLus - Sunday, 05-Jul-2015, 8:26 AM
lotrrotkDate: Monday, 06-Jul-2015, 6:56 PM | Message # 5
Zombie Pirate
Group: Game Mod
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Quote PLus ()
Ugh, you're like a detector
Panurgic would've been a better word

Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me
Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » Ban drugdealer maphack
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