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Ban rof)boiko_tri (tower Mid) - Forum

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Ban rof)boiko_tri (tower Mid)
RosarioVampireZDate: Sunday, 18-Oct-2015, 4:58 PM | Message # 1
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Well, I am not sure but hey, I will take word for the guy in

Username to ban:  rof)boiko_tri
Reason: Infernal tower in middle
Evidences: Have not watched replay but chat log seems to support the event
Server: Europe


Web-GhostDate: Monday, 19-Oct-2015, 0:58 AM | Message # 2
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Cheesy-GordiaDate: Monday, 19-Oct-2015, 4:24 AM | Message # 3
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You can see in the log exactly what time in the game it took place (left side)

I hate this n***a actin like jesus - SOUNDWAVES

You don't are pro - Adam_CZ
Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » Ban rof)boiko_tri (tower Mid)
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