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Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » Ban niceoverfastxd (Please stop the abuse of this player)
Ban niceoverfastxd
Dan-Date: Friday, 23-Oct-2015, 1:45 PM | Message # 16
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for guy who play solo 40% = he not noob.. eminememiem have 50% he rank 1 on other aka...
i play with lalala he not noob and he pool

ok.. mb it was hes best win for hes life.. win dan+yefer accross with sheep :D
can u send one real game whre he win real pros...
dunno why u so hes fan... think if he ruine ur like 50 games.. u 100% change ur mind..

now look who real pro.. pink was baj and he rape they..

trust me u never see ur niceveryfastxd solo vs stack... like play real pros like baj gondiak, ramiel... or like was ironwoman when he sometimes join on alt and rape Dan + marilyn_monroe alone... :D... ironwoman was #1 in chf
real pros play smart and fair..
noobs = they all stupid as f*ck + abuse elo, modes and ruine games..

Message edited by Dan- - Friday, 23-Oct-2015, 2:09 PM
angrylucasrogerDate: Friday, 23-Oct-2015, 2:47 PM | Message # 17
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who , niceveryfast pro? lol? he cant win alone game, coz need mass pooling . i dont see him without stacked or avarage players in team. he cant play ars, cant play uim, cant win ftd, cant win ssd when normal guys play. pro play all modes and try win all games and dont cry about uim etc. like this when  cry.  if he win yeferzon and dan one game, this dont give status pro lol.  i dont see players who can stay alone- like yeferzon,roy,wooman only play with team , only with skype and only talk, ye lol if i have friend who play how me, with skype, i rape easy many games with talk. If we are will see alone all this guys  and they win alone many game and many modes i call pro, with best same team and same tactic, why not rape all random guys . Look rank 1-30 and say me , who can be good this, who cant fear play alone, dont abuser, can win many shit modes, have good tech, have many tactics for win, try win game if game lose. who ? rank 1 lol, rank 2? I play vs rank 1 and i dont see very very good skil. mastakilla rank 29 play better then rank 1 or rank 2.

Added (23-Oct-2015, 2:47 PM)
if play with friends , yes game easy win 100%. if with randoms, this only random win coz dont see how who play. You are you knowwhat I mean.

Message edited by angrylucasroger - Friday, 23-Oct-2015, 2:56 PM
GondiakDate: Friday, 23-Oct-2015, 3:21 PM | Message # 18
Group: Users
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Reputation: 37
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Plz Adam get a life or suicide you are only fan of this pub
Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » Ban niceoverfastxd (Please stop the abuse of this player)
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