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Ban Souls
l3etuceDate: Wednesday, 01-Mar-2017, 9:08 PM | Message # 16
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wow this admin has a lot of complainant . What do you think old man ottoj

I love green leetuce
OttoJDate: Wednesday, 01-Mar-2017, 9:38 PM | Message # 17
Group: Game Mod
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This is funny, Soul is having some fans trying to find things he is doing wrong.  I would agree that he has admin to use to his advantage, not for the good of all players, but the abuse that is being pointed out is not a real offences.  The player that was AFK was in only one game, not a continuing problem, the pool off and after 24 minutes having a teammate go AFK go get gold, most of us have done that.  Sorry still no real reason.  This is taking to much time haha.

OttoJ, The Old Man
I play for fun, fast wins bore me and make me feel mean.
gokkunjackDate: Thursday, 02-Mar-2017, 7:39 AM | Message # 18
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Quote OttoJ ()
The player that was AFK was in only one game, not a continuing problem

he actually did it multiple times, i just posted this replay because its still on the server and you can see in the chat that it was done on purpose to buy a jamme. And as far as i know 2 hero mass on purpose is real abuse but maybe we have different opinions on that, lol. On top of that i dont like your way to minimize the facts with rationalisations because the real question shouldn t be "has someone else done it too?" it should be "what can we do to prevent it in the future from happening again?".

Also i am aware that he uses now the more subtile ways to abuse since he has been reported on the forum. The teamkilling and insulting (which was much more 3 weeks ago and also before he was admin) i mentioned earlier were no joke either.
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