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Custom Hero Footies v3.4
Bond009Date: Wednesday, 13-Oct-2010, 10:39 PM | Message # 1
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Custom Hero Footies v3.4
Created by Bond009

Map Preview

Change Logs
v3.4 Change Logs


  • This Footies is 100% Custom while retaining balance
  • If you're a 5.4 -ar fan im sure you'll love this
  • Added short Save Code for saving Winning Stats
  • Read F9 to learn more (This game has alot of never b4 done stuff)

Created by: Bond009

This is a Fully Custom Original Footies Map
Custom Hero Footies game-play mostly follows the basic styling of a Footmen Frenzy map. After Player votes has chosen the game options, each player begins with a building that spawns footmen. They then may select a Custom hero to go along side their army. In teams of 1-6, players fight for dominance of the Game arena by improving their units and heros with upgrades and items. To win the game the objective is implied, destroy all your enemies bases!

Loading Screen made by - Vexslasher
Vex also helps now a little with unit/ability data and balancing.
Custom Icons Used Made By:
KelThuzad for speedy boots icon
-BerZeKeR- for battle xp icon

•Game Options
At the beginning of the game Player 1 has alot of command options in F9 that can be chosen READ THEM.
• Game Type
- Normal (Standard game-play, 4 teams of 3)
- Top vs Bottom (2 teams of 6)
- Super Sudden Death (300%)
- All Random Skill mode
- Capture the Flag mode
- Early full mass
- Initial Teching
- Off (Teching is disabled until 5 mins of game)

- Balanced gameplay: almost every unit, hero, and ability has been rebalanced.
- A VERY intense custom AI system
- The famous "base pet" to help with mana regen
- 48 heroes to choose - Most of which are Fully Customizable
- Max Hero level of 20, with standard abilities going to level 6 and ultimate's to level 3.
- Different Hero combination's is aprox. 105,386
- I made some 100% custom and original spells
- Improved healing/shopping area in the corners.
- Tons of items and recipes to choose from.
- -PK, showing Hero kills and Unit kills
- Early Mass at Dawn player vote system
- If player leaves team gets gold and full share auto
- When player leaves game, units remain to micro (Also) full control over left-players gold(see commands)
- A nice AFK command system (-test afk)
- LOTS of secret single player Debug codes to make game-play faster/easier for playing or debugging (in F9)
- Special** Unit Battle XP to lvl up unit in battle and unit Rankings
- Saving code to track your win's and unlock perks and secrets in game. (doesn't make imba)
- Super fast load time, and very clean triggers for smooth game play smile
- For more information on version changes, credits and other stuff see Map Info(F9) in-game or site.

Host only aka Admin Commands:
-No Unit XP (Disables all Unit XP and Rank level gaining)
-AI (When playing with Computers this will make them 'Mass at Dawn' and get heroes and upgrades etc.)
-Mix Races (After -AI is typed this will make random races)
-Reset Repick or -RR (This will reset the repick command to give players another chance at getting a custom hero, if they don't want a stock abilities hero.) *only works twice*
-Rocks (Adds the middle Rock guys in the starting of the game.)
-No SG (Turns off the Win Stats Gold given to players with Stats Code.*type within first 110 secs of game*)
-6vs6 (Makes game top 6 vs bottom 6 players)
-Vote (Takes player tally for 3v3's or 6v6)
-Mass (Calls for a vote once more if the vote wasn't Early Mass)
-No Pet Owner (Win Stats wont become pet owner)
-Reset Heros (IF Mind Rape perm steals someones hero by chance of a 'glitch' then use this command, *Note: this command only works twice)
-Trap Pet (Traps pet in team base for first 8 mins of game)
-No Mind Rape (Removes Mind Rape ability from the game)
-No Base Protection or -NBP (Removes base shield protection)
-SSD (Supper Sudden Death mode, sets Hero xp rate 300%)
-ARS (calls a vote for All Random Skills mode)
-CTF (calls a vote for Capture the Flag mode)
-SFX (turns on sfx for getting kills without dying)

•Commands for All:
-Full Share (Will allow you to give FULL shared units to the allies u already have shared units checked for in F11.)
-Gold 'color' (When a team player has Left the game this command will give you that 'left' players gold. ex. "-gold blue")
-Kill 'color' (When a team player has Left the game and u don't want his units, this command will kill all his units. ex. "-kill blue")
-Repick (Will allow you to get a different Hero Once, drop items first.)
-MS (Tells you your Heros Movement Speed)
-Zoom 1k-2.5k (Zooms your camera out or in, exp. -zoom 2000)
-Stats (shows all players winning stats, a way to rank who's pr0!)
-Test afk (does a 3 min test on your team mates, if ones afk you get their gold and full control)
-PK ('Player Kills' shows a list of players total Hero/Unit kills)
-Clear (clears your screen of text)
-No TK (No Team Kill, when typed doesnt let your allies attack your units until you leave game.)
-Team AI (When Comps are on ur team this gives you control)
-Music (Shows Player the Music Menu *requires 25 wins*)

•Key points
* If you're a footies fan im 100% sure you'll have fun and love this
* Added short Save Code, for saving Winning Stats Records
* More balanced than most footies even though its custom
* Read F9 to learn a LOT more (This game has a lot of new stuff never before done)
* Check for more info

Other Sites its posted at are:

Forum » Maps » Custom Hero Footies Maps » Custom Hero Footies v3.4 (By: Bond009)
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