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Forum » Host Bots » ClanHPMM - (Main Hosting Bot) » Should -test afk on pool off be bannable (Should -test afk on pool off be bannable)
Should -test afk on pool off be bannable
Should we ban players for -test afk to acquire gold when they aren't actually afk during -pool off?
1.Yes[ 11 ][50.00%]
2.No[ 11 ][50.00%]
Answers total: 22
AL_GIDate: Tuesday, 29-Dec-2015, 8:04 PM | Message # 31
Zombie Pirate
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This should not even be a question..

Call me "GOD”

︻芫══一 (—_—)

ic3dt3aDate: Monday, 04-Jan-2016, 1:48 PM | Message # 32
Robotic Ninja
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Should we ban players who vote for -ars, yet keep a set hero?

There are also other scenarios

Ars landing you summons and or resurrection hero then voting uim

Rmv while you have a windwalk/blink hero

l3lackownageDate: Monday, 04-Jan-2016, 2:51 PM | Message # 33
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ssd   then repicking and making hero killer (sarcasm)   want everything banned? think about it  thats why u got repick ,   lets say i get perfect uim hero...i vote uim...thats 1 vote...its not instant uim...

that and also when ars is picked, your hero will be auto repicked and spells will be repicked also. you wont get the same spells/hero u had.  same thing for RMV  its 1 f&*cking vote...like 5 ppl have to vote that s$%t

stop trying to find things to ban  god d@#m (directed at everyone who wants stuff banned all the time)

I know ur postulating scenarios and i normally would agree with that. but thinking about scenarios to ban things...its anoyying at least in my opinion.  everyone has CHOICES in footies,  i can vote yes or no. I can be on this or that team.  I can pick this or that spell.   if you make f^&cked up choices and it doesnt go your way then i have no pity for that player.

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Bio-AssAUltDate: Wednesday, 06-Jan-2016, 9:18 AM | Message # 34
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So voting ended in a tie.

I will agree with a proceeding post and say that reviewing games to make this scenario bannable will be extremely time consuming and will fall completely on judgement. With the fact that you can whisper and speak via skype, teamspeak, etc... it will be near impossible to prove that every case was done on purpose.

Therefore, this will not be considered bannable moving forward either.

Yes this is clearly abuse but the issue falls down to evidence and ability to prove fault, which I do not see being plausible moving forward.

Again thank you everyone for your input.
Forum » Host Bots » ClanHPMM - (Main Hosting Bot) » Should -test afk on pool off be bannable (Should -test afk on pool off be bannable)
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