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Status Update
Fiery__WADate: Friday, 11-Aug-2017, 10:52 AM | Message # 16
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Well it's August ant news om the HPMMM bots?
ic3dt3aDate: Sunday, 13-Aug-2017, 7:20 PM | Message # 17
Robotic Ninja
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Quote Fiery__WA ()
Well it's August ant news om the HPMMM bots?

game's dead
Bio-AssAUltDate: Tuesday, 15-Aug-2017, 0:18 AM | Message # 18
Head Administrator
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Khan went behind my back and set up a new system of bots while we (Bond and I) were in the process of having ENT rebuild everything. Following discovering this, I cancelled our agreement and shut down the new server. I worked hard for weeks to try and get the new system up to par only for those efforts and investments to be rendered useless by Khan/LFE and their new system. I'm not here to compete with anyone and after that whole fiasco which I found to be pretty disrespectful I too have lost motivation to resuscitate this community. I have promoted Web-Ghost to a Head Admin. Web now has full authority and proper access to handle all matters as they pertain to these forums.

If you need to reach me for any serious issues which WG cannot resolve (site being down, etc) feel free to email me at .

I would have worked with Khan but our views differ greatly. He is allowing people to buy admin therefore the issues of abuse and stacking from the past will be very real again. The community is fully aware of my disagreement with being allowed to buy admin. Additionally I was going to be covering the costs of the server on my own therefore eliminating the need for donations. I was never in this for the money and never will be so I am sorry but I don't want to associate myself with them and their New for-profit agenda.
Forum » Host Bots » ClanHPMM - (Main Hosting Bot) » Status Update
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