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OG Crew #1: -Kobas- - Forum

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OG Crew #1: -Kobas-
ÜberGeekDate: Thursday, 18-Jun-2020, 9:16 AM | Message # 1
Mr. Löwenstein
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Here begins a (hopefully) regular series, highlighting some of the early members who made this game and forum what it is.


Game designer, site admin. Also the first user on this particular forum, which guarantees his spot in CHF history. I did not know much about the guy, so I was surprised to find how much input he had back into the development CHF itself, back in the early days. Skilled map creator and designer. Going by his comments, a genuinely nice person as well.

Two of his maps are featured on the forum, I've tried them out the other week for the first time. One is a base defense map, you control a hero and defend waves of increasing difficulty (similar to ENFO and maps like that). The other map is a single-player RPG, so far so good. The inventory system impressed me the most! - Rise of Heroes II 2.5 - Shadows of the Past 0.9.3

Last but not least: his username sounds like "sausage" in my language, so for me was always Sausage and always will be. Good luck with your future endeavors, Sausage, wherever you are.

Prime CHF Skill: unknown (The best? The worst? Both?)

Top Three Threads:

Smartest Comment: "Still ban should be no longer than 1 or 2 weeks, after all you need players to play your map biggrin " 

Dumbest Comment: Could not find any. Smart enough to not post dumb comments I guess.

Funniest Comment: "Thread just isn't complete until masta don't come to troll in it."

Nicest Comment: "Thanks and have a nice day."

If you guys have extra trivia or good memories of Kobas, chime in.

I am Über, the craziest Über ever.

FTL forever

Onwards comrades!
Bond009Date: Friday, 19-Jun-2020, 0:44 AM | Message # 2
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Lol Kobas was a nice guy, I met him on the Hive site and he offered to help rebuild a new forum to help me out way back then. smile

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