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OG Crew #2: wilz - Forum

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OG Crew #2: wilz
ÜberGeekDate: Thursday, 02-Jul-2020, 3:38 AM | Message # 1
Mr. Löwenstein
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Wilz is a true CHF great. His skill, his wit, his overall impact on the community make him an obvious choice. At exactly 90 years old, he is the oldest member of our village. A real ladies man too.

I always enjoyed playing with him, when he was around. He was good at playing solo, an important trait of a really skilled player. Though a bit excessive at times, his trash talk was funny and on point.

But, we all remember wilz for one thing and one thing only: that he is not sexy. That he never was sexy.

How it all got started I do not know, but his undeniable lack of sexiness became one of the most uniting trends in CHF history. Not including "wilz is not sexy" as a poll choice was considered a bannable offense for a long time. 

When everybody was talking trash to everybody, the right hand flaming the left hand, great players roasting other great players... In all this division and turmoil, one thing always brought us all together: the absolute unsexiness of wilz.

Prime CHF Skill: Top 10

Top Three Threads:

History of wilz



Smartest Comment: "they do, it's called condoms..." (context)

Dumbest Comment: "well....a negative rep is a rep too....keep that in mind"

Funniest Comment: "I took candy from stooge once...then i woke up tied to the bed and my butt hurting. Then I ate the candy..." (Honorable Mention: "bond....stop calling me and trying to hang out...we just friends...")

Nicest Comment: (about William Hung) "i fucking wish i was that hot and can sing like him...."

I am Über, the craziest Über ever.

FTL forever

Onwards comrades!
Bond009Date: Thursday, 02-Jul-2020, 2:27 PM | Message # 2
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Hahaha nice work Uber, got some laughs out of that. smile

ShadowHunter94Date: Tuesday, 07-Jul-2020, 1:00 AM | Message # 3
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I can remember him scolding me for saying "wb" when people came back from afk. He would always say when people said "back" I should say "forth, side to side." lol

Warcraft is no game, Warcraft is my LIFE!
FirNesSDate: Sunday, 22-Nov-2020, 4:17 PM | Message # 4
Robotic Ninja
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You truly are wakening some old memories. Thanks, and keep going

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