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Footmen heros 1.0a change log - Forum

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Footmen heros 1.0a change log
THecashDate: Thursday, 05-Jan-2012, 9:36 AM | Message # 1
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Footmen heros 1.0a change log
-Added a kick system were a player types -kick player 7 and it will have a vote either to kick or to let them stay. This is for manuel host it can be used for autohost aswell
-Added More ppl to the credits
-Added a multi board for Kills deaths and % Aka thanks to
-Added doubt kill ect but with no sound Couldnt make one with sound =(
-Base pet will be made 1.2 Cant be bothered
-Nerfed Blizzard
-Nerfed rocked
-Decreased the spawn footmen b4 mass to 10
-There is now a warning that mass is about to start
-In credits likin park song played aka Numb
-Mass is now at 120 sec
-Made it so that if you buy 1 scrool of beast you get 3

ALOT of stuff fixed and added i hope you like it New version coming up in 1 month or so =)
Ps Find some bugs


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