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'Insert Name' (DEMO)
JerikoDate: Wednesday, 29-Dec-2010, 1:05 AM | Message # 1
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Hello everyone,

Recently, I have been developing a new DEMO map of a concept I developed. It was conceived ironically whilst in conversation with a friend who was under the unfortunate effects of boredom. My friend (call him friend 'X') was looking for a remedy for said boredom, and I gave him one. It started as a joke/nudge to get him to start making WC3 maps, but the more I ranted on about the idea, the more I thought that it might actually be good.. X and I were both impressed. So following our discussion I've spent the remaining days I have left in San Fransisco (on my free time) developing a sample 'Insert Name' (DEMO) map for you (the great people/audiences that you are) to check out and tell me what you think.

I will post this demo map 1/1/11 (updated) at approximately 10pm (U.S.A. PST).
All input will be reasonably noted, and not taken offensively.
I have a few friends currently testing for bugs, and looking for ways I can improve the quality of this demo.I will use (a free server) to distribute the map, provided by a link for easy access and download. If you have any questions please contact me at or just PM me.

Thank you for your time, happy

Tyler (Jeriko)

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Master-HeroDate: Wednesday, 29-Dec-2010, 4:35 AM | Message # 2
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Go for it!

Inactive mod.
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