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Why I Dislike CHF 4.1 (Balance issues) - Page 5 - Forum

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Why I Dislike CHF 4.1 (Balance issues)
gokkunjackDate: Wednesday, 06-Nov-2019, 8:51 AM | Message # 61
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Quote FirNesS ()
What about we ban this guy from the forum and kick him of discord? I mean no one will miss him and we will be filled with joy just with the thought of him crying behind his computer

if you don t want to see this retards messages in discord here is the method i use. It works fine.
DooMsDate: Wednesday, 06-Nov-2019, 11:48 AM | Message # 62
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Daniel only retards like u need a tuto that explain them how to use a simple command, it shows your low IQ again, btw I also used that method when u were talking to me on skype. What's the method to not see your face anymore?

Message edited by DooMs - Wednesday, 06-Nov-2019, 11:51 AM
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