3:32 PM
Something must be off with the Bot. I can only join games through Wc3Connect (not through the official realms). The lobby is dead, which is weird because we host CHF daily (through makemehost) and peo
3:33 PM
We Host CHF daily, and people do join - so there are players out there, they just don't join the host bot for some reason.
1:12 PM
hmm i have exams atm sad
7:07 PM
No worries. Good luck with the exam. Hopefully we can make this work fully in january.
3:59 PM
wtf game is dead someone bring it back , so sad for comunity
11:32 AM
5:27 AM
new update is the worst ever
9:51 AM
The new update is actually shockingly good... many games are hosted and games fill up REALLY fast (5 min average).
1:33 PM
i was salty cuz couldn't join any game. But ye it seems okay
1:34 PM
tho whenever you try to join a game there is a 1/2 chance you missclick on an other game cuz the list changes too fast lol
8:24 PM
9:04 AM
I am with DICKLA here... this new patch has allowed us to play again. Lobby fills up fast and it all seems to work very fine!. Only downside: no autohost -but hosting is so easy now anyway! See you in
10:29 AM
weird Bnet. button is disabled after the new patch.
8:14 PM
Hey guys, is Chf still alive? any bots hosting it? name of bots and realm please.
1:39 PM
we are at the stone age atm... with no bots sad
9:42 PM
CHF is being hosted everyday. Lobby is filling up fast. I can log on to bnet and know I will be playing. I miss the bot, but it is far from the stonage.
4:40 AM
Bond I dreamt that I met you IRL last night xD
4:41 AM
this is how much i miss chf i guess
1:12 PM
wtf. that wasnt Bond. it was me. you perv
1:33 PM
do u have chinese origins? I know bond doesn't but in my dream he did xD
5:07 PM
10:49 PM
Let me know when bots fill so I can hop on to WRECK SOME NERDS.
7:14 PM
hahah ! wreck Bond and Web azzz .
9:37 PM
check my music
8:04 AM
Join us for Games this week end - at around 12 CET. We will be hosting before and after. Their may be games hosted otherwise. Good players and pubs are all welcome!
10:44 AM
Here is an Active Discord Channel if you want to stay up to date on CHF games and have players to invite to the games you are hosting: https://discord.gg/bHJAby
12:16 PM
New Link for Discord: https://discord.gg/jrCk8YK
12:49 PM
New Discord link: https://discord.gg/MS3Mqs
3:42 PM
link not working
6:26 PM
Hey. Links are not valid for EVER so i post a new one. I just did not feel like spamming more than I already have. Here is a Link: https://discord.gg/eKE9jF
10:45 AM
Hi. I have gotten messages about links to discord channel not working. I will therefore update it, but since I do not feel like spamming, I have opened a thread there link is updated regularly.
1:27 AM
anyone alive in here
3:35 AM
Hey. Most active players are currently hanging on this discord channel https://discord.gg/npRCDvJ
8:10 AM
6:32 PM
hello !!!!
7:43 PM
hello big gays
8:19 AM
11:36 AM
1:07 AM
4:23 AM
playing videogames is such a childish activity
10:18 PM
lol you love it
6:45 AM
anyone playing chf atm?
9:50 AM
ill hop on later ! make sure you turn on -10k gold so I can bk you fast which I did to Bond
2:04 PM
Yo roy
2:04 PM
Im in game whis name gigasu
2:04 PM
And the other guys say shit
2:04 PM
Yo ppl come game hosted whis roystorm, full inhouse now
2:07 PM
Daenerys say he is b3p but he is not
8:02 PM
Daenarys is dooms
8:02 PM
Daenarys is dooms
2:52 AM
Wtf lies
7:38 PM
bnet just crashed?
11:56 PM
7:58 AM
Noone here ?
6:56 AM
8:09 PM
im here ! what ya want ?
6:40 AM
your sexy body
2:51 PM
Yeah <3
5:37 PM
l3etuce, a burger
5:45 PM
I may be playing again in 2 weeks. Hope seeing you all there.
Hopefully Kron will join me for some great games.