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WC3-4Life / Custom Hero Footies!!!

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I'll be transferring alot of the Maps and Logs over to this one over time when i have a chance.

The rest of you can create new topics and carry it on and start building a base to build up from on our new site.

When people that are joining that belong to a certain group, make a request and you'll be added.

This new site offers a lot of new features, not to mention a bigger inbox (which i needed badly lol)

Enjoy :)

Views: 3855 | Added by: Bond009 | Date: 13-Oct-2010

Site is ready for use!
Forums are working, users start to register, slowly!

We will upload maps into File Catalog section and few pictures into Photo Albums!

Have a good day!
Views: 3270 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 13-Oct-2010

Forums look a little unorganized at the moment!
My idea is to recreate this part of site to next few main forums:

-Hosted Maps
-Clan Heaven
-Development Forums

Each forum will have different icon!
Each forum will have it's moderator!
Each forum will have different sub-forums!
Each sub-forum will have different icon!
Each sub-forum will have it's moderator!
Views: 1886 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 13-Oct-2010

Greetings people, welcome to new Custom Hero Footies Official Site!
As you can see forums are created, user groups also!

We will slowly move threads and informations from old site to new one!

New Main Features:

  • Epic New Site Look
  • More BB Codes
  • Reputation System
  • Award System
  • File Catalog
  • Blog
  • Photo Albums
  • Guestbook
  • Like/Don't like feature
  • Statistic/Search/Calendar/Entries Archive/Site Friend Features
  • Increased site size from 16 MB to 400 MB

    Be free to post your suggestions and ideas in right forums!
    I am working on site rules and few other staff right now!
    Everything will be explained easily!

    You are free to contact me or any other site staff member at any moment!

    Thank and have a good day!
    Your site creator -Kobas-
    Views: 1176 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 13-Oct-2010

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