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Forum » Fun and General Discussion » Introduce Yourself » PINLC Intro (my introduction)
PinlcDate: Thursday, 29-Oct-2015, 6:46 AM | Message # 1
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Hi all, just thought i'd introduce myself to the community.

Been playing CHF for around 8/9 years i think, back when i was in school long long time ago! Had a few accounts and didn't really take it too seriously or do loads. 

Past year been playing a lot more, learning different combinations and making my experience more to try and win rather than to take part.

Last month played a lot more to win and got up to 80 wins (no big deal to most of you) but when you play with random teams its hard to get a win when the other 2 are 0/100 etc.

Been speaking to a few people about trying to get friends who play the game so i can get involved in the community. 

Few people told me about the website. and clan efl, so been in there  abit and now here i am!

Hope to see you all around!

Im 21,

Living in England, recently graduated from university in Sports development and coaching science.

I am moving to Australia in December to live there.

Big football fan (soccer), i referee for work etc, and im an avid gamer, CHF and also fifa mainly, as well as the obvious cod and GTA every now and then!

Big clash of clans fan also, so if you guys are looking for a clan on there let me know!

Hope to see you around and hopefully be accepted into the community and will see you in game!

Ryan or Pinlc
MubzDate: Thursday, 29-Oct-2015, 7:45 AM | Message # 2
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welcome to forums pinLc. Nice to see you here and hope you enjoy ur stay biggrin   i hate soccer biggrin but then again ur english u gotta love it haha.

Peace in the Middle East
FirNesSDate: Thursday, 29-Oct-2015, 8:16 AM | Message # 3
Robotic Ninja
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Welcome to forums, nice introduction. If you don't know me I'm an old player who's always been around but who had stopped playing these last years but I came back recently. Nice to meet you!

lotrrotkDate: Thursday, 29-Oct-2015, 8:52 AM | Message # 4
Zombie Pirate
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Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me
eckone87Date: Thursday, 29-Oct-2015, 10:31 AM | Message # 5
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add me on skype we can get some games in if u want =) 
Forum » Fun and General Discussion » Introduce Yourself » PINLC Intro (my introduction)
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