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Wich player do u respect in chf...
FirNesSDate: Friday, 11-Dec-2015, 9:31 AM | Message # 106
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Quote ic3dt3a ()
not really. i dont care for score/ranking in a game. if i really cared, i would stack, etc. are you a better player than me? i dont think so, not really. you just became an asshat and began flooding my mail with negative reps, which i checked for i do communicate with some ppl on here in a friendly manner. you did turn into some kind of retard, it seems a couple ppl here dislike you for the same reasons.

Lol. I don't remember what was the thread but if you do just look at it. You started insulting me so yeah I did -rep you. After that you kept attacking me whenever you were seeing me posting in a thread. So everytime you did so I did -rep you. I might have -repped you like once or maybe twice without any reason just because you were pissing me off in general and I was seing your name somewhere.
See you care about ranking, you still wanna prove that you are a better player than I am whereas I don't give a single f*** now. You look so stubborn lol

Web-GhostDate: Friday, 11-Dec-2015, 11:56 AM | Message # 107
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Quote attackers2012 ()
What is swearing ?
google it!

Forum » Fun and General Discussion » Random Chat » Wich player do u respect in chf...
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