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U.N. Internet Takeover at midnight - Forum

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Forum » Fun and General Discussion » World News & Debates » U.N. Internet Takeover at midnight
U.N. Internet Takeover at midnight
VexslasherDate: Friday, 30-Sep-2016, 8:11 PM | Message # 1
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smalbuck101Date: Saturday, 01-Oct-2016, 11:52 AM | Message # 2
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Duration : 22:32

Web-GhostDate: Saturday, 01-Oct-2016, 6:52 PM | Message # 3
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Quote smalbuck101 ()
Duration : 22:32
ikr... +++ XD

ÜberGeekDate: Monday, 03-Oct-2016, 5:21 AM | Message # 4
Mr. Löwenstein
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You're not missing much. Here's the gist of it:

"Russia and China are going to censor the Internet unless you ACT NOW, because could and might."

What a terrible argument.

TangerineSkyDate: Tuesday, 11-Oct-2016, 6:58 AM | Message # 5
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Uber geek is amongst us...

XXkillerbeansXXDate: Monday, 31-Oct-2016, 10:44 PM | Message # 6
Zombie Pirate
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He's not the only one however I think he is much more fondly remembered. I just wanted to check to see if this community was still alive :P.. Been grinding LoL for a little while and failing college at the same time.

Weird to see some of the people that still stick around though, surprised to see Rosa/ic3d/Tang/Vex but pretty cool. Hope all of you guys are doing alright.

Message edited by XXkillerbeansXX - Monday, 31-Oct-2016, 10:44 PM
Forum » Fun and General Discussion » World News & Debates » U.N. Internet Takeover at midnight
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