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-ffcc00 again + new bug
Dan-Date: Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 12:06 PM | Message # 1
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new bug.
he make 8-0 footies before mass and send from t2 to t4

here like 3 groups  footies biggrin

he bk us nad leave.. but in same game:

2 sec later..

00:01 / Allied) Biga04: -ffcc00
18:35 / All) Biga04: there is no hacks ...
(18:41 / All) TeaMMe: idiot hacker
(18:41 / All) Biga04: debug whatnow?
(18:44 / All) zegarott: ring stupid 
(18:45 / All) TeaMMe: gagamel?
(18:49 / All) zegarott: ring 7500000
(18:51 / All) Biga04: how can u turn on debug mode in multiplayer are you stupid?
(18:52 / All) TeaMMe: or some other idiot
(19:04 / Allied) MlKE.HUNT: -gold yellow
(19:25 / All) zegarott: WTF
(19:29 / All) XSeGo: wtf
(19:29 / All) Biga04: suck my dick
(19:30 / All) MlKE.HUNT: wtff
(19:33 / All) Biga04: suck my dick
(19:37 / All) MlKE.HUNT: espris has left the game voluntarily ( / FR).
(19:37 / QUIT) espris: Left
(19:38 / All) zegarott: you ban
(19:39 / All) zegarott: ok
(19:39 / All) Biga04: don't call me a hacker again
(19:43 / All) MlKE.HUNT: zegarott has left the game voluntarily ( / PE).
(19:43 / QUIT) zegarott: Left
(19:47 / All) Biga04: this is because you call me hacker
(19:49 / All) MlKE.HUNT: wow fuck u red
(19:53 / All) MlKE.HUNT: XSeGo has left the game voluntarily ( / TR).
(19:53 / QUIT) XSeGo: Left
(19:57 / All) MlKE.HUNT: thanks for being a hacker
(20:05 / All) MlKE.HUNT: and proving us wrong
(20:40 / All) MlKE.HUNT: MlKE.HUNT has left the game voluntarily ( / US).
(20:40 / QUIT) MlKE.HUNT: Left
(21:01 / All) TeaMMe: !cs biga
(21:08 / All) TeaMMe: !alias biga04
(21:13 / All) Biga04: !alias biga04
(21:40 / All) Biga04: be quick, time is mana
(23:01 / Observers) Biga04: -test items
(23:22 / Observers) Biga04: -test items
(23:23 / Observers) Biga04: -test items
(23:23 / Observers) Biga04: -test items
(23:23 / Observers) Biga04: -test items
(23:24 / Observers) Biga04: -test items
(23:24 / Observers) Biga04: -test items
(23:24 / All) TeaMMe: [Biga04] has been automatically muted for spamming. (You will be unmuted momentarily, but please do not spam again!)
(23:39 / All) TeaMMe: [Biga04] has been automatically unmuted. (Don't spam or you'll be muted again!)
(23:39 / Observers) Biga04: -test items
(23:46 / Allied) Biga04: -test items
(23:54 / All) TeaMMe: !cs sorian
(23:58 / All) Biga04: hio
(24:01 / All) Biga04: !cs soiarn
(24:18 / All) Biga04: hey
(24:20 / All) TeaMMe: !cs soiarn
(24:22 / All) Biga04: do you want to know how I did it?
(24:24 / All) TeaMMe: who are you?
(24:26 / All) TeaMMe: gagamel?
(24:29 / All) Biga04: whats your skype?
(24:31 / All) Biga04: no whos that ?
(24:50 / All) Biga04: wanna know how?
(24:57 / All) Biga04: look at my base bro
(24:58 / All) TeaMMe: i know debug mode
(24:59 / All) Biga04: go into my base
(25:03 / All) Biga04: but how?
(25:06 / All) Biga04: in a multiplayer game?
(25:11 / All) TeaMMe: 1000 win code
(25:16 / All) Biga04: yup
(25:22 / All) TeaMMe: and type -cc and something useless
(25:33 / All) Biga04: yup
(25:38 / All) Biga04: u will never get 1000 wins doe
(25:40 / All) TeaMMe: are you gaga?
(25:43 / All) Biga04: yes
(25:48 / All) TeaMMe: knew it
(25:54 / All) Biga04: smile
(25:58 / All) TeaMMe: why you think i have to trust you?
(26:05 / All) Biga04: why not
(26:13 / All) Biga04: maybe i trust you
(26:17 / All) Biga04: trust goes both ways
(26:49 / All) TeaMMe: lol
(26:55 / All) TeaMMe: no shop
(26:56 / All) TeaMMe: mhh
(28:02 / All) TeaMMe: we played togthere too omfg
(28:04 / All) TeaMMe: what a shame
(28:16 / All) Biga04: i am not who you think I am ...
(28:21 / All) Biga04: i am just some random who haven't played in a year
(28:31 / All) TeaMMe: wdpa_gagamel
(28:35 / All) Biga04: not me
(28:44 / All) TeaMMe: wow
(28:51 / All) Biga04: ?
(28:55 / All) TeaMMe: why you do it?
(29:01 / All) TeaMMe: there is no fun in this
(29:04 / All) Biga04: the only reason I do it
(29:08 / All) Biga04: is so that it gets patched
(29:08 / All) TeaMMe: maybe 2-3 times okay but always is really boring
(29:20 / All) Biga04: always, I haven't played in a year
(29:23 / All) TeaMMe: whats wrong in this?
(29:32 / All) Biga04: that this is possible
(29:36 / All) Biga04: it has nothing to do with 1000 win code
(29:49 / All) Biga04: i had to deprotect the map
(29:53 / All) Biga04: and hours of looking through code
(29:54 / All) Biga04: lol
(30:05 / All) Biga04: but that was over a year ago
(30:08 / All) Biga04: and still not patched :s
(30:18 / All) TeaMMe: i know some people has got win code without play
(30:26 / All) TeaMMe: but its their choice
(30:27 / All) Biga04: it wasn't win code
(30:34 / All) Biga04: it has NOTHING to do with WIn Code
(30:41 / All) TeaMMe: just hero
(30:44 / All) Biga04: nope
(30:53 / All) Biga04: hidden code that only the developers know about
(30:56 / All) Biga04: -ffcc00
(31:07 / All) TeaMMe: yeah i knew it
(31:12 / All) Biga04: you had no clue
(31:12 / All) TeaMMe: that code
(31:17 / All) Biga04: you knew that code?
(31:17 / All) Biga04: how?
(31:24 / All) TeaMMe: a guy told me
(31:27 / All) Biga04: me?
(31:35 / All) TeaMMe: nope
(31:36 / All) TeaMMe: adam
(31:47 / All) Biga04: ok so i am not the only one ??
(31:51 / All) Biga04: the fuck
(31:56 / All) Biga04: is there more people doing this? lol?
(31:58 / All) TeaMMe: you are the only one that use it
(32:02 / All) Biga04: ahh ok
(32:05 / All) Biga04: cuz u see
(32:08 / All) TeaMMe: or i guess it
(32:11 / All) Biga04: the code is just 1 piece of the puzzle
(32:20 / All) Biga04: there is MORe that you have to do to make it work
(32:39 / All) TeaMMe: whats this "more"?
(32:42 / All) Biga04: the thing is, you don't have to make it obvious ... you could use it to even out games and make them last forever to troll peop
(32:56 / All) Biga04: hmm idk if I should be telling you imho
(33:01 / All) Biga04: ill tell you for $10
(33:07 / All) TeaMMe: lol
(33:11 / All) Biga04: i will
(33:12 / All) Biga04: for $10
(33:14 / All) TeaMMe: i dont mind 
(33:18 / All) TeaMMe: i just play for fun
(33:25 / All) Biga04: well if u paid $10 u could tell the developers
(33:28 / All) TeaMMe: and make a sense for my free time
(33:34 / All) TeaMMe: but i dont need it
(33:42 / All) TeaMMe: i just play it for fun dont need break this game
(33:44 / All) Biga04: well you obviously don't care that much about this game then
(33:49 / All) TeaMMe: with some useless stuff
(33:58 / All) TeaMMe: yeah i dont care
(33:59 / All) Biga04: it's not useless, u can report it to admins
(34:04 / All) TeaMMe: i think this game is good as now
(34:08 / All) Biga04: k smile
(34:11 / All) TeaMMe: i dont care i wont report it
(34:18 / All) TeaMMe: you can do everything you want
(34:31 / All) Biga04: ok ill leave this game, if u wanna join u can join next time I will make it really really subtle so nobody notices but I will
(34:36 / All) Biga04: try to make the game last 6+ hours
(34:46 / All) TeaMMe: lol
(34:49 / All) Biga04: im gonna leave no (u won't get win cuz debug mode)
(34:51 / All) TeaMMe: ty for leave
(35:01 / All) Biga04: but yeah ill make sure next game right after this is 6+ hours
(35:05 / All) Biga04: join if u have the time biggrin
(35:07 / All) Biga04: it'll be fun
(35:20 / All) TeaMMe: nap
(35:27 / All) Biga04: congrats
(35:32 / All) TeaMMe: hf
(35:36 / All) Biga04: you too <3
hassanrizvi10Date: Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 12:35 PM | Message # 2
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See this one name of gagamel (original name twist and this guy don't buy hero and buyed a ward for team 4 (he was in team 3) and this guy play for elo in his main acc and create many fake acc to ruin other gud players game by feeding noobs

RosarioVampireZDate: Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 3:44 PM | Message # 3
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It's not a new bug in any way.....
These are all old bugs......

It's just that players these days are being idiots -.-

But I got to admit, this guy made moving around walls into a whole new level. Most players in the past only did this with heros and to use earthquakes while hiding.
This one though, is very creative with footies lawlz. wink

Message edited by RosarioVampireZ - Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 3:48 PM
smallvillDate: Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 4:37 PM | Message # 4
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Message edited by smallvill - Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 4:39 PM
GagamelDate: Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 5:42 PM | Message # 5
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I doubt that it was a mistake that this account got unbanned. wink

if u play a u want, u dont play the game u play a game...but not chess -Feelnoob
lspiderlDate: Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 6:06 PM | Message # 6
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Quote Gagamel ()
I doubt that it was a mistake that this account got unbanned.
you account is unbanned because you served the time of your ban , lets play nice this time pls

I suffer from a condition called dislexix disgraphia so please parden my spelling and typographical errors
GagamelDate: Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 6:39 PM | Message # 7
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Just for the record. The 2 reported guys in this thread are not me.

The reason i say i doubt that it was a mistake is that someone just dont unban a account out of the blue for no reason. Beside that the Accountname Biga04 on that server was already taken before i used the debug mode and considering to epicwar biga04 and bond009 are the same mapmaker/person.

Sure it is still possible that it is not bond himself, but in this case there must be some admin who unbanned this account on purpose. I already told cou to check if bio-assault on west is the real bio-assault since it seems that he has still admin access but is not listed as admin anymore.

Anyway at this point it needs some resarch but it will either lead to a security gap or it will point out the admin abuser. But like we all know when research is required there will be done no job at all by current headadmins, since there are to few with access to the panel who care. I offered james already my help and didnt got any response within the last days. So please stop blame me for the problems. I am here to solve them. But for some reason i really dont know, i did not get my headadmin yet.

if u play a u want, u dont play the game u play a game...but not chess -Feelnoob

Message edited by Gagamel - Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015, 6:58 PM
JaneFox2666Date: Wednesday, 15-Apr-2015, 8:14 AM | Message # 8
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We banned him on all realms.

Here again: P.S.: Im some kind of mouthpiece for the next days of cou. He is banning, i will post. So we can split work.
RosarioVampireZDate: Wednesday, 15-Apr-2015, 8:34 AM | Message # 9
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The problem with ban list is that...
It automatically deletes the ban after some time.

Plus, you have to give everyone a chance to redeem themselves.....
If you ban them perma, then -.- (well I don't agree with that belief system)

Anyways, why are people even bothering abusing the -ffcc00 command? Did they contribute any useful data to CHF? Lol.

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