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Monday, 20-Feb-2017, 9:10 PM
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Admin abuse
NerdNinja9Date: Saturday, 13-Jun-2015, 5:34 PM | Message # 1
Group: Users
Messages: 42
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Reputation: 19
Status: Offline
ISUK abuse admin to put himself on a stacked team against noobs.
Random260Date: Saturday, 13-Jun-2015, 8:05 PM | Message # 2
Head Administrator
Group: Administrators
Messages: 684
Awards: 0
Reputation: 987
Status: Offline
You're allowed to play with your friend.

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AllstarJonesDate: Saturday, 13-Jun-2015, 10:22 PM | Message # 3
Group: Users
Messages: 280
Awards: 0
Reputation: 238
Status: Offline
im gonna prolly get banned soon for playing with the same guy like 20 games in a row

Often imitated Never Duplicated
JaneFox2666Date: Monday, 15-Jun-2015, 5:36 AM | Message # 4
Group: Lead Administrators
Messages: 202
Awards: 0
Reputation: 493
Status: Offline
No more words needed. If you "stack" with friends its okay. And yes, its shit, childish it unfair: But thats how it works ;-)
Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » Admin abuse
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