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Ban Request EAO
venom61Date: Sunday, 03-Jan-2016, 6:22 AM | Message # 1
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Your username: sallamasyon
Violator's username: eao
Game name (if known) (for example, Custom Hero Footies! #78):
Approximate date/time of game (alternatively, link to a Stats page): 03/01/2016, 14:52
Rule player violated: mh
Time of incidents (Note in-game timer or replay timer, type -time): all game
What Team won: team 4
Any further thoughts: dat retard aka using mh shit, shockwaves , dust > xmute wizard, rod of envy to real hero inside of mirror images

fog log

Message edited by venom61 - Sunday, 03-Jan-2016, 6:38 AM
lotrrotkDate: Sunday, 03-Jan-2016, 7:00 AM | Message # 2
Zombie Pirate
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Watching the replay to confirm

Added (03-Jan-2016, 7:00 AM)
Ok I watched the replay and I have to say he was careful with his mh, 
The only 2 mistakes he made were

Quote venom61 ()
7:9 |cFFA52A2AEAO|r clicked Renegade Wizard
Quote venom61 ()
14:37 |cFFA52A2AEAO|r clicked Undead Bond009
The first mistake with renegade, he clicked on the rene without dust or anything then quickly used dust so he could xmute it
The second one he clicked on your hero to make sure it wasn't an illusion I guess then used rod of envy
Well anyway I banned him for 1 month, if he uses mh again after this just pm me or make another request and I'll perma ban him
Also if you find him avoiding this ban in anyway (alias) do report that as well
Thank you

Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me
Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » Ban Request EAO (mh)
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