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What i think...
BajsHoranDate: Monday, 09-Jan-2017, 8:37 PM | Message # 1
Group: Game Mod
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So. I have a small sugestion. I will do mu my best to apply this when im on east ( rarely ).

So its been like 4 years now.. Isuk (the boss ) / some other accounts. Has never bothered to learn the rules of the game.... He ahs banned tons of people without reason. He even banned lady in pink the pther day... Didnt watch that game but everyone who playd chf know lady always has soul burn with trash and just plays. He has also had like 14 complaints banning alliest who dont give him gold... the 1 time in 10 games there is no pro he can swap... He also never bothered to sign up / reply to his complaint here in 4 years...

So my sugestion is...  Just fk this guy... I dont care if he is friend with bond... He never did anything to remotely improve this game just the oposite.

So from this day on... Every ban U see Isuk do.. U unban that guy... Every time u u Isuk stack u shuffle... Every time u see isuk say no i never did that... U ask him come forum and search his name. and reply to his complaints.

Peace im out... Trashiest admin all time... small effort to keep chf fair

Green Man - im so jeallous of ur elo
FirNesSDate: Tuesday, 10-Jan-2017, 11:28 AM | Message # 2
Robotic Ninja
Group: Game Mod
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It's been 3 years since I did apply your suggestion lol, decided it on my own

lotrrotkDate: Wednesday, 11-Jan-2017, 5:11 AM | Message # 3
Zombie Pirate
Group: Game Mod
Messages: 1259
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Reputation: 2755
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I tried that but I gave up cause he would type owner and !lock.
I even had his admin removed but he magically got it back 2 days later
I seriously think this guy has bonds cellphone and just gives him a call everytime something goes wrong
I even got Bio-assault to ban him but he magically removed it and had powers more than bio so yeah either this is Bonds alt and that's where bond has been all this time or this guy got pretty close to bond cause of his lottery donations

Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me

Message edited by lotrrotk - Wednesday, 11-Jan-2017, 5:12 AM
Forum » Host Bots » Ban Requests » What i think...
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