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Why I love Ladder ;) <Really fantastic Videos!> - Forum

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Forum » Warcraft » Ladder » Why I love Ladder ;) <Really fantastic Videos!>
Why I love Ladder ;) <Really fantastic Videos!>
RosarioVampireZDate: Friday, 30-Oct-2015, 2:34 PM | Message # 1
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It's unfortunate that many of the CHF players do not know how to ladder. It was what WC3 was popular for so, here I am, today, showing why ladder is so addicting and enjoyable.
I personally think it's the best RTS game ever created and hey, the youtube videos will explain why ^^
Before anything, I would like to state many of the players here are crazy at micro (and have high APM as a result):
<You can see by their speeds from here and even with such fast speed, it doesn't really look fast on the screen meaning even at those high APMs, it's not enough>

Video not youtube BUT SHOULD WATCH!!!!:

Now for the
Ladder Replays ^^:

There's so much more but you get the point, ladder is like >.< ~~
Anyways, I just posted to share these awesome videos. It's really fun to watch <3

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MubzDate: Friday, 30-Oct-2015, 3:19 PM | Message # 2
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hehe nice moments of micro on those videos biggrin im going for rank 1 rt in bnet europe but it takes me 3hrs to find a game sad

Peace in the Middle East
lotrrotkDate: Friday, 30-Oct-2015, 3:32 PM | Message # 3
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I only watched the first two for now, pretty amazing
Will watch the rest later and thanks

Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me
CouDate: Friday, 30-Oct-2015, 10:40 PM | Message # 4
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try starcraft sweets.

Legendary Team All Starz pack:
Fiery_WADate: Tuesday, 08-Dec-2015, 6:48 PM | Message # 5
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Quote Cou ()
try starcraft sweets.
starcarft vs WC lol you funny Cou, the two games are like chalk and cheese WC WINS!  yahoo
Forum » Warcraft » Ladder » Why I love Ladder ;) <Really fantastic Videos!>
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