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Important: ADMIN AGREEMENT - Forum

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Forum » Host Bots » ClanHPMM - (Main Hosting Bot) » Important: ADMIN AGREEMENT
JaneFox2666Date: Monday, 16-Mar-2015, 4:57 AM | Message # 1
Group: Users
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Hi to all,

Before admin will be granted, you must read the following agreement and conditions made in this statement. It's important that admin nominees, whether through promotion or donation are aware that breaking the rules does not make you immune from losing admin. Admins are required to uphold the rules and maintain the balance without corrupting the system.

I agree with the following terms that I am about to sign. This agreement is between the Bot-hoster and head admins as well as the community. If I should break any rules and conditions of the game then my admin status will be nulled, regardless of the donation and credential I may have done. This agreement is not only limited to loss of admin but according to how serious the breach, I can be muted or banned depending on the consequences. The following conditions are  as followed but not limited to:

·        Map Hacking: 1 month - Permanent
·        Admin Abuse: 2-12 days
·        Rudeness: 1 hour - 2 days
·        Abusing Votekick: 1 hour - 3 days
·        Admin impersonation: 1 hour - 24 hours
·        -Team Killing: 10 hours - 3 days
·        Using !drop command instantly when someone islagging. Must give time for the person lagging to stop. 8 hours - 3 days
·        (Command removed use !synclimit 9999999.However, please give the lagger a chance to recover. If he doesn't after a while use that command.)
·        Kicking a person who is downloading in thelobby.: 1 hour - 1 day
·        (If you don't want to play with a persondownloading swap him to another team (Admins only) or leave)
·        -Team Item destroying/Team Item Wielding withoutpermission.: 8 hours - 3 days
·        ^Bug Abuse: 18 days - permanent
·        ^Hacking of any sort: 1 month - Permanent
·        -Selling your Items Intentionally and wanting tolose money. 10 hours - 3 days
·        -Intentionally not buying hero and refusing touse the money to aid ally, just keeping it. 8 hours - 3 days
·        Abusing the elo system
·        -FTD Mode - Building Tower Middle: 8 hours - 3days

Please refer to this page for more details: Official Host bot rules and bans:

Please sign the following agreement in order that you have acknowledged
the prior agreement for upholding Admin status. Not signing this will
have your accepted admin revoked. 

Host-bot owners, Game-owner and Head admins are not responsible in any way should you lose your admin followed by bans due to breaking the rules, regardless to the amount of your donations, credentials and referrals.   I _________________________________  hereby Acknowledge that I have read this condition and statement. I do agree to lose admin if I should break the rules or if I am inactive in my role of responsibility.  

Agreement TOS Host-bot Conditions: 16/03/2015
CouDate: Monday, 16-Mar-2015, 5:14 AM | Message # 2
Head Administrator
Group: Administrators
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Miss Janey came up with a discussion with me in the pm in which she brought up a good idea. I think it's a smart idea to do this and she took the time to type it up. This will determine the smart players. This should also make them aware that losing admin is much easier then previously thought. Before they are given admin, they must sign up on this forum, copy the Admin agreement thread and paste a reply under this thread with their user name signed at the bottom of it. It must be done in their forum account to prevent any fraudulent actions. This will make any potential admin abusers give a second thought before they abuse their position.

Legendary Team All Starz pack:
Web-GhostDate: Monday, 16-Mar-2015, 8:41 AM | Message # 3
Head Administrator
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JaneFox2666 good job

Forum » Host Bots » ClanHPMM - (Main Hosting Bot) » Important: ADMIN AGREEMENT
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