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hi kids
BajsHoranDate: Thursday, 16-Apr-2015, 0:57 AM | Message # 1
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Hello my footy children.... iven been a bit bored last week of chf and spending my time with liqor and hoes... I do hope u will behave while im gone... If not i will ban u all ( if u play on east smile ) or send spider man at u for mad reproofs.... enjoy this awesome tunes while im gone see ya in a few days wink

Added (16-Apr-2015, 0:49 AM)

this is same all over the world... jah means god in jamiacian.... so jah jah never fail = god never fails .... enjoy whatver ur religion caue it speaks to you smile

Added (16-Apr-2015, 0:52 AM)
so i think in India this song is called Cow prasin or cow cow neva fail biggrin

Added (16-Apr-2015, 0:57 AM)
and for ya that miss me to much... here is something to help u out.... BEST COVER EVER

Green Man - im so jeallous of ur elo
TangerineSkyDate: Thursday, 16-Apr-2015, 10:16 AM | Message # 2
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Are you going to see him? Damien is da shit but f being around all those people man lol I get wigged out by big shows and festivals

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