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Unban request: altar.of.c0cks - Forum

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Forum » Host Bots » Ban Appeals » Unban request: altar.of.c0cks (Reason of ban: "I don't like you" - Hoodz.)
Unban request: altar.of.c0cks
alekrolstadDate: Tuesday, 24-Jan-2017, 3:55 PM | Message # 1
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Your Actual Main username: Your Actual Main username:   altar.of.c0cks
Your username you were banned on:   altar.of.c0cks
What Realm/Server were you banned on:   Northrend
Rule you violated and give short explanation why you were banned: Hoodz did not like me - after I explained to him that his behavior was childish - but left it at that. No insults, no trolling. One viable explanation for the ban, was the previous game where he got literally destroyed. I had a hero killer and he got angry because he lost his hero a lot, which is understandable but not against the rules. I also pointed out that he MH'ed based on the fogclick detector.  According to him, my ally MH'ed - whether he does or not is non of my concern (I am not an admin afterall, just a fun player - who likes to play in my breaks in my busy every day life) . That being said, this is an issue between him and the player in question, and i request the leadership to only take into consideration the dispute between Hoodz and I into the equation in this particular dispute.
Any further thoughts:   I think it ruins the game when admins feels free to ban anyone because they lose to them or becausethey simply do not like a player. I am willing to ignore this person in the future in order to avoid any potential quarrels. I think this might be a viable solution for everyone. I would also hope that the admin gets a revision concerning his role.
Attach a replay of the game to show why you shouldn't be banned: - mind you that i was not banned in this game, but in the lobby in the next game.

Best wishes,

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Forum » Host Bots » Ban Appeals » Unban request: altar.of.c0cks (Reason of ban: "I don't like you" - Hoodz.)
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