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CustomHeroFoots Admin Abuse
smalbuck101Date: Thursday, 08-Dec-2016, 6:37 AM | Message # 1
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This is the most important.


Not sure if there is a way to see lobby chat/history, but I join the game,
and Custom is on t3 with both the accounts with numbers.
He bans me, then his friend joins ( Radin11 ) and he swaps him with one of the accounts with numbers.
His other friend joins ( Teco. ) and swaps him with the other number account, placing one on t2, and one on t4.

The game starts, he makes them both get a hero, then they both run their units out in front of his base and leave before mass.
Seems pretty obvious to me that they're both his accounts.

*Just a little background info, he added a "FakePlayer" in lobby, then left shortly after*


Gets a 2 hero mass, fails miserably at trying to attempt to micro, then does "!end" to end the game. I was the only one who wasn't kicked, (Not sure why) But it said, XXXXX has been disconnected (Game disconnected by admin) or something along those lines.

Next game, my allies give me their gold at mass, and I get 3 heroes, then his friend claims I'm cheating and he will get custom to ban me. (Is this illegal? Still a 3 hero mass.)

Added (08-Dec-2016, 6:37 AM)
Actually, I just watched replay. Explains a lot. His hero dies, then rage quits at the end and disconnects game. You can even see it afterwards (Game ended by admin)

OttoJDate: Thursday, 08-Dec-2016, 10:32 PM | Message # 2
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Not much i can do against another admin Sorry.

OttoJ, The Old Man
I play for fun, fast wins bore me and make me feel mean.
Fiery_WADate: Friday, 09-Dec-2016, 12:39 PM | Message # 3
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QuoteOttoJ ()
Not much i can do against another admin Sorry.
I so know that feeling popsĀ  angry
vexxopsDate: Sunday, 11-Dec-2016, 9:04 AM | Message # 4
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please admins work in this, 0 fun if 1 admin is abuser

l3etuceDate: Monday, 12-Dec-2016, 6:44 AM | Message # 5
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I'll check this with web-ghost once I get back from my vacation .

I love green leetuce
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