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Make Rule on Bill...
Web-GhostDate: Saturday, 12-Dec-2015, 1:21 AM | Message # 61
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Quote Adam_CZ ()
i gave up... my english is too bad... so i cant explain what i want
you can type in native language  but do it in a spoiler + (don't swear/abuse)

Bio-AssAUltDate: Saturday, 12-Dec-2015, 2:32 PM | Message # 62
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Quote Web-Ghost ()
let me make this clear the rules of bill being permanently control is ban!
you can only mindrape him, not take complete control of him, its completely unfair, if someone gets that hero as there first hero and its not sdd
the enemy team needs to collect 4k and the hero is theres, while the guy will have no way of income beside feeding so its really unfair when someone works hard on lvl-ing up there hero and getting items and you end up stealing there hero, and they are left with no income
so it will remain bannable + they are countless ways to counter him and stop heroes

Quote Bio-AssAUlt ()
Very well said and 100% in agreement.

This will remain bannable unless bond himself ever says otherwise.

Added (12-Dec-2015, 2:32 PM)

Quote AllstarJones ()
Web, the rule I asked, was to be ARS SSD 25 mins into a game, and pool must be on, those were the rules I asked, the elapsed time might b difficult

Quote Bio-AssAUlt ()
Jones, I am sorry but instituting that rule is over complicating the issue in it's entirety. We will not be issuing any further rules in accordance with this. If you permanently steal control of another players hero, at any point... this will be bannable. I understand the issue of instakilling pengs, but there are other ways to counter. Simply don't waste your gold on pengs to use against someone who has bill. Win via other means.
Forum » CHF Development and Discussion » Idea Factory » Make Rule on Bill...
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