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Glass Cannon and Chaos heroes! - Forum

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Glass Cannon and Chaos heroes!
ChrIsiceraDate: Thursday, 18-Nov-2010, 12:31 PM | Message # 1
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Glass Cannon and Chaos heroes!

[Isicera] Glass Cannon
Appearance: Siege Tank with a glass like shader.
Name: Banzai!
Title: Glass Cannon

Attack type: Ranged cannon shot
Range: 750
Primary stat: Intelligence
Move speed: Faster than craziest cat thing
Starting Strength: 3 (Very Low growth)
Starting Agility: 16 (Low growth rate)
Starting Intelligence: 40 (High growth rate)

4 item slots.

1: Old Blizzard: The might of early CHF Blizzard!
2: Old Nova: The power of early CHF Nova!
3: Old Bears: The Insanity of the original CHF Bears!
4: Murder: Torrential tribute, 1/4 cool down.

The Glass Cannon has the highest DPS and maneuverability imaginable, however with only 4 item slots, and practically no health, no WW, and no D-shield it's an incredibly vulnerable target.

[Isicera] Chaos (Random skills)
Appearance: Black Wisp
Name: qtlaskjl
Title: Chaos

Attack type: Ranged attack
Range: 600
Primary stat: Intelligence
Move speed: Above average
Starting Strength: 18 (normal growth rate)
Starting Agility: 18 (normal growth rate)
Starting Intelligence: 18 (normal growth rate)

4-6 item slots (Random)

Chaos gets 5 skills, 4 of which are normal skills, 1 of them is an ultimate skill. These use whatever random is already in place for ARS.
Chaos gets 2 skill points on every even level, instead of ending with 20 skill points, they end with 30 skill points.

Chaos is as luck based as ARS, but balanced more for dealing with actual builds, the ability to have more skills at a higher level can be excellent, but it's also possible that those skills are dark ritual, death pact, Life link, Owls, Reincarnation. Potential for the strongest sets in the game.

[Isicera] Doom Ancient (Partially customizable)
Appearance: Ancient of war.
Name: Death Tree
Title: Doom Ancient

Attack type: Ranged rock throw
Range: 800
Primary stat: Intelligence
Move speed: None
Starting Strength: 23 (High growth rate)
Starting Agility: 10 (Low growth rate)
Starting Intelligence: 24 (Very High growth rate)
Fortified type armor
Counts as a building.
No movement speed.
Huge space taken up, can be hit by more melee units than a normal hero.
4 item slots.
700 gold per kill

*Blink: Lower cool down than other non custom hero blinks.
1: Spawn units: The Doom Ancient is a structure and it will spawn units just like your base would.
L1: ½ base spawn rate
L2: ¾ base spawn rate
L3: Base spawn rate.
L4: 1.5 times base spawn rate.
L5: 2 times base spawn rate.
L6: 3 times base spawn rate.
2: Customizable
3: Customizable
4: Customizable

A completely different take on the hero that requires you know where you want yourself to be before it happens. Hard to kill since it has base status and thus can't be hit by nova etc, but this unmoving behemoth is the ally of any army who needs numbers.

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PinasDate: Saturday, 20-Nov-2010, 4:42 AM | Message # 2
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I say yes cause old blizz and bears are awesome.

killerrangeDate: Saturday, 20-Nov-2010, 5:37 AM | Message # 3
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The glass cannon seems a tad op

I'm here to help :D
PinasDate: Sunday, 21-Nov-2010, 1:23 AM | Message # 4
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killer it has really low health

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