Wednesday, 08-Jul-2020, 8:04 AM
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WC3-4Life / Custom Hero Footies!!!


Everyone knows that bond has done all of his hard work for us for free, however he needs our help now to continue his work. It's expensive to pay for sites and bots for hosting, and it takes a ton of time to make this game stay balanced and fun for everyone, so if you would please donate as much as possible, but no amount is to small and all donations are greatly appreciated and help to keep new versions coming and bots running.

Top 10 Donators
1. Cou, 490$
1. stooge., 450$
3. Njag, $131
4. Princess.Pink, $100
5. Firelord, $75
6. xifelol, $70
7. KickStart, $65
8. CyRay, $65
9. slayer666, $50
10. Pinas, $50

- O_o]-PrincipV, $45
- helekiller, $35
- Knurzfoten, $23
- Trixxareforkids, $20
- MASTA_K1LLA, $13
- wilz, $10
- bop420, $5
Legal_life, $-20

  • Special forum nickname color on "Users visited site" list. Your Name will appear blue or green depending upon if you are in the clan or not.
  • You will be added to a new user group called "Contributor" or "Clan Contributor" and it's icon looks like this.
    (Note: If you are a moderator or administrator you will not get the new icon, and your name will not turn blue, instead your title will have 2 ★ symbols added to it.)
  • Can remove own comments.
  • Can edit own threads.
  • Maybe More (coming soon)

  • - has made a donation
  • - has donated 50$ or more
  • - has donated 100$ or more
  • - made it to the top 10 donators
  • - has been 3rd best donator
  • - has been 2nd best donator
  • - has been 1st best donator
  • - has donated 150$ or more

A new bot + my internet speeds will be sweet biggrin should never be laggy
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