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WC3-4Life / Custom Hero Footies!!!

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Hi guys, I'm proud to announce that Assasinwest partnership is going well! Assasin's eurovision's kicked off nicely and is promoting CHF. This will help increase player's in the long term especially with unstable servers such as ombuservers going down from time to time, they can finally join Assasin's stable euro-asia realm. Assasin's euro-asia will bring together games to continue playing their favourite game. This in turn will also help recruit new players to play custom hero footies! There will also be more plans to help out the CHF community, bots and more this month! 

Here are the links to join Eurovision:

See you on the other side!



Views: 3993 | Added by: Cou | Date: 06-Aug-2014

I have now been put in charge with monitoring the troll box as well! Troll box is allowed to be used as normal but if anything goes beyond ugly such as posting pictures of a player which has been done in the past, or racism or anything beyond that, I will trace up that player and bring him to light of who it is hiding behind that anon. Not sure if it warrants bans or what not at this point but Bond will discuss more of what he wants done. If a player feels he's being hounded and bullied by anons and he PMs me, I might not hesitate to let him know who his bullies are behind anons. You've been warned. Think twice before posting in anons. Any questions, pm me. :D

Anons can be used to say what they want to say just as long as it isn't being abused and can get away with ugly verbal murder. ^^

-Cou ^^

Views: 6011 | Added by: Cou | Date: 02-Oct-2013

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We on the site wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. smile
Views: 16807 | Added by: Master-Hero | Date: 20-Dec-2011

Please take time to check out this site  as it will soon be under serious discusion as to wether or not we might make it our new home

make accounts and post tehre , try the built in check box ( integrated so you dont need to make a seperate account for it )

feel free to suggest changes and or additional features etc and once people have thuroughly tested it we will being it up for open debate
Views: 23311 | Added by: lspiderl | Date: 17-Oct-2011

not sure how people were able to post random crap on the news without admin approval but that problem should be corrected now
Views: 28780 | Added by: lspiderl | Date: 17-Oct-2011

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Please donate if you want and are able too even 1 dollar would be cool :p

Views: 4355 | Added by: Bond009 | Date: 13-May-2011

**New Update**

Some important topics to check out:
New CHF v3.5 Map

CHF v3.5 Change Logs

*** Topic About New Save Code System ***

Views: 56870 | Added by: Bond009 | Date: 19-Mar-2011

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