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Site Rules

The rules are introduced to create comfortable and constructive atmosphere of communication. If the established form of communication doesn't suit you, then abstain from participation in this conference.
Present rules are valid for the whole conference. Separate sections and forums of the conference may have their own rules which specify the rules of conduct in them. However, present rules are obligatory in any case.

General Site Rules:

1. Accounts:
You are allowed only one account. If you have more than one person sharing a computer or IP address you must  speak to an admin before making any further accounts from that IP
1. By registration in the forum you accept present Rules.
2. To register in the forum a user must provide an active e-mail address. We guarantee privacy of the provided information.
3. Choice of a username (a nickname) is your exclusive right. The administration reserves the right to take measures for stopping a nickname usage, if its usage violates generally accepted moral and ethic standards and it is insulting for other forum users. Registration of nicknames, resembling the existing ones so that they can mislead other forum users, is prohibited.
4. Repeated registration of one user, regardless of his/her aims, is prohibited. This violation is considered to be extremely serious and leads to the blocking of all accounts.
5. # If you do not display activity in the forum for a long time, you account may be removed.

2. Illegal Material:
The uploading of any illegal material to this site is forbidden. Posting is a form of uploading. Linking to pages that provide illegal material from this site is also forbidden. The list of illegal materials includes, but is not limited to, pornography, psychoactive drugs, bootleg software, software designed to circumvent legal restrictions, and any material that such a program would produce.

3. Privacy:
Any message that is intended to be visible to only the sender and recipient is considered private. If you feel that a private message sent to you is offensive in any manner, report it to a member of the staff. Private messages will not be moderated unless reported. When you report a private message, include details: quoted text, screenshots, or forwarded messages.

4. Languages:
You are only allowed to use English in any publicly visible context of this site.(this includes posting in 1337 speak)

5. Discrimination:
Even though race and other personal details can be masked in this environment, do not post racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory messages.

6. Sex:
This isn't that type of site. Don't talk about sexually orientated or any other obscene subject.

7. Flaming:
Deliberately hostile or insulting messages are not allowed.

8. Spam:
Uploading irrelevant or meaningless material is not allowed.

9. Trading:
This Site is not a marketplace. Offering or soliciting items for sale or in trade is not permitted.

10. Private Servers:
The advertisement, discussion, or promotion of private game servers is prohibited. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to World of Warcraft(r) private servers.

11. Game Exports:
The uploading of content directly exported from games other than Warcraft III is prohibited. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, World of Warcraft(r).

General Forum Rules:

1. Communication in the forum is based on the principles of generally accepted morality and netiquette.
( that Means things like Trolling , Flaming and trying to start fights with the administration and other users are NOT allowed) 
2. Usage of swear and abusive words is strictly Limited, If you find a word filtered then dont try to get around the filter. keep it PG13
3. Any advertising, including Internet projects (except for the cases of preliminary approval with the administration), is strongly prohibited.
4. Your signature in the forum cannot be longer than two lines. It must meet the same requirements as forum posts.

1. Stickies:
Many forums have sticky threads. Often one of these threads will contain further rules. These must be followed.

2. Off Topic:
When you post in a thread, it should be about the thread subject, or a reply to another on-topic post in the thread. You can always make a new thread for a different subject.

3. # Double Posting:
Double posting is posting two consecutive posts. You should have a reason to do so.

4. Recipient Specific Threads:
Making a thread dedicated to one specific person is pointless. Use private messages or visitor messages.

5. # Bumping:
Posting in a thread solely to change the way it is listed is almost never constructive. People might be less annoyed if two days have passed since the last post.

6. # Revival:
Posting in old threads is considered necroposting. If you do this, you should have a good reason to do so.

7. # Notable:
We don't care about your post count or rep. Not enough for it to warrant a thread, in any case.
8. # Rep Abuse:  
Using the rep system to try and get back at staff by -rep for them doing there job is NOT permited. the -rep will be removed and if it is re-added  the person will recive a reproof
9. # Reproof wake up call
If you are given a reproof for an action and continue in that action reguardless of the reproof it will result in an Automatic 3 day vacation

Message Posting:

1. Thread subject must be informative and reflect the core of the problem to the maximum.
2. Before you create a new thread, make sure that you create it in the forum of the proper subject area and that this question hasn’t been discussed before.
3. # Creation of identical threads in different sections and posting of similar messages in different threads is prohibited.
4. Try not to make grammar mistakes in your posts, it will give a negative impression about you.

Relationship between users and the administration:

1. The administration follow common sense and internal rules of forum management in their actions.
2. Discussion of administration’s (forum administrators’ and moderators’) actions is strongly prohibited in any forums and threads, except for the special forum, intended for the discussion of all aspects of the whole forum work.

The are circumstances under which rules marked as # can be ignored, but should otherwise be followed.

The administration reserves the right to change the rules with the further notification of forum users. All forum changes and updates are carried out with the consideration of users’ opinions and interests.

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