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ic3dt3aDate: Wednesday, 29-Aug-2012, 11:30 PM | Message # 1
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its a funny little anime involving the online world and real world dramas that the internet has brought to everyone. its pretty cool, cause i remember going through something similar(as lame as it may sound)

some kid challenged my bro to a fight in runescape, he cheated and brought shit, my lil bro killed him(he was 5 at the time) kid got mad(he was like 14) tried to fight my little brother cause he wanted everything back so i had do something, was gonna show up and tell him whats up(i was a badass 16 yr old, was gonna lay the smack down). ended up having some1 that i pked with go put him in check, lawlzzz

also, he and another friend who had moved but came to town that day had stolen stuff from his cousin and his cousin went cryin to his brother. my friend then stole all the loot they stole and sold it for 1-5$ per item, the other kid got upset too and called his cousin(who already heard that they stole the stuff from his little brother) so he came to try to intimidate my friend, lol. i ended up getting a free rune 2 handed sword(which was about 800k-1mill at the time, this was when max gold was liek 222 mill per slot)
a_chinese_kidDate: Thursday, 30-Aug-2012, 9:31 PM | Message # 2
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Quote (ic3dt3a)
its a funny little anime involving the online world and real world dramas that the internet has brought to everyone.

hahaha oh man sounds so funny. please please! lets try to get an anime of the flamefusion drama and cyray monster cheesy drama i mean seriously hahaha i would laugh my ass off for years!
traceebreauxhoang5Date: Friday, 19-Nov-2021, 1:00 AM | Message # 3
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accel world is one of my favorite anime , if you fan of accel world i suggest you guys to watch Sword Art Online and there also anime like Sword Art Online and accel world which are more interesting you can check them out here
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