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WC3-4Life / Custom Hero Footies!!!

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I'll be transferring alot of the Maps and Logs over to this one over time when i have a chance.

The rest of you can create new topics and carry it on and start building a base to build up from on our new site.

When people that are joining that belong to a certain group, make a request and you'll be added.

This new site offers a lot of new features, not to mention a bigger inbox (which i needed badly lol)

Enjoy :)

Views: 3867 | Added by: Bond009 | Date: 13-Oct-2010

Site is ready for use!
Forums are working, users start to register, slowly!

We will upload maps into File Catalog section and few pictures into Photo Albums!

Have a good day!
Views: 3280 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 13-Oct-2010

Forums look a little unorganized at the moment!
My idea is to recreate this part of site to next few main forums:

-Hosted Maps
-Clan Heaven
-Development Forums

Each forum will have different icon!
Each forum will have it's moderator!
Each forum will have different sub-forums!
Each sub-forum will have different icon!
Each sub-forum will have it's moderator!
Views: 1892 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 13-Oct-2010

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