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WC3-4Life / Custom Hero Footies!!!

Main ยป 2010 » October » 15
Guys JPEG Image file type ruined current User Groups images :p
I will create new ones, they will look like those but better for sure, With some more effects!
Also I will create Banned User Group Icons 2, hope never to use it!

Be sure to check poll
Poll last 1 week!

Post your suggestion <- there
Also any new ideas will be welcome.
Views: 1201 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 15-Oct-2010

Greetings, my friends, guests and users.
I want to present site to you!
Maybe you know, maybe you don't but ucoz community can join to any site with same email and password!
Be free to explore both sites and help ucoz community to grow!

As thanks ucoz community already removed search engines blockade (until this month you needed to pay for it)

I linked both sites so lets rock :p

Have a good day,
Views: 1158 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 15-Oct-2010

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