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5:25 PM
Forum Moderators places are open!
Hello dear users, we are searching for new staff members that will help us working with community!
Moderators are requested here:
Hosted Maps (Cheesy-Gordia)
Development Forums (Vampirism_Fire)
Entertainment (mb53)

What we need from you?

1) To be active user
2) To know site and forum related rules
3) To know your job (for example Development moderator should know to work in World Editor)
4) To be nice with people (Please no things like: 0MFG D00D /\Ü571N 15 T3H l_l83Я 1337 Я0XX0ЯZ, and words like noob, shit and so on, there is no need to insult anyone)
5) To respect your job and other users (don't edit user comments, even if you do so, write why you did that, same for deleting, merging and so on, also you are not allowed to spam with rep points)
6) You will need to report any big problem (if user for example start to insult and troll, upload porn or illegal material you need to report that in Site Administration forum so admins can take right actions)

Please post comment here if you want job!
People on list so far:

We are still waiting for you (Places left: 4/4)

Thanks and have a good day!
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