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lspiderlDate: Thursday, 09-Feb-2017, 6:41 PM | Message # 1
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Hey guys. Dunno why but you all recently popped up in my mind so I thought id update you all.
Its been nearly a year since my accident. Im still in a wheelchair but getting stronger every day. I had a second surgery in December to reconstruct my leg and knee. Im doing physical therapy twice a week and will hopefully be walking again in a few months. Additionally I got accepted to a major university with a small scholarship so I left my previous school to finish my degree there. Handling it all from a wheelchair has been a challenge but im pushing through.

I suffer from a condition called dislexix disgraphia so please parden my spelling and typographical errors
BajsHoranDate: Thursday, 09-Feb-2017, 6:45 PM | Message # 2
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Good for u man... I really hope it works out well for you. Its easy to get depessed and stop to care in that kind of situation. AllĀ  the best and good luck with the walking.

Green Man - im so jeallous of ur elo
l3etuceDate: Thursday, 09-Feb-2017, 6:51 PM | Message # 3
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best of luck spider ! may the force be with you

I love green leetuce
lotrrotkDate: Thursday, 09-Feb-2017, 8:49 PM | Message # 4
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Quote lspiderl ()
has been a challenge but im pushing through.

Was that pun intentional?
Anyway good luck and have a speedy recovery

Go rage ban love child
-This guy that loved me
Forum » Fun and General Discussion » Random Chat » update
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