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Warcraft 3: Refunded
ÜberGeekDate: Thursday, 06-Feb-2020, 4:23 AM | Message # 1
Mr. Löwenstein
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I'll start off by saying that since the day it was announced I didn't give a shit about Reforged, and I still don't. I haven't watched an actual gameplay video, I just don't care. I also had a strong feeling from day one that Blizzard was going to fuk this up one way or another, but never in my wildest dreams could I imagine the POS moves and surprises they had in store. Very rarely do I get pissed of when it comes to anything involving videogames, but the day Refunded went live was quite the day for Über and his blood pressure.

Anyway, my actual problem with Refunded is that it prevents me from playing classic W3 online, the way I have been playing it for all these years.

Here is an objective look at where the game stands:

That website is a pretty reliable source when it comes to which games are good/bad, based on user score. When I first checked Refunded it had a user score of 0.7, now it has 0.5. It is hard to stress how bad a game has to be to go below 1 or even 2. Absolute trash games don't get scores like that.

Even Fallout:76, another epic (and ongoing) clusterfuk from another POS company, "only" has a current user score of 2.7. So for a Blizzard game to receive 0.5 by users tells a lot right off the bat. Here's a quote from a user, it was on the first page when I was there, I didn't even have to look for it:

"The unannounced change in EULA stating that custom maps are the intellectual property of Blizzard is untenable. Custom maps were the cornerstone of the old StarCraft/WarCraft products upon which their communities were built and upon which they endured. Until now. The only saving grace for me was that Blizzard did process my refund (manual ticket) fairly promptly"

Again, those few sentences should tell you everything you need to know.

A day or two later I found this gem. I am sure there are plenty of other videos like this:

I wish someone would class action lawsuit the fuk out of them AND they'd lose a few billion in the process. It won't happen though. And even if it did, the important thing to keep in mind is that they wouldn't change their business practices going forward. This whole Refunded fiasco is not some accident, honest mistake or isolated incident. This is how most gaming companies operate now, because they can get away with it. Blizzard doesn't care about making good games anymore. All they care about is extracting as much money from users as they possibly can.

These are not the same guys that made gaming masterpieces like the first Starcraft, Diablo 1-2, Warcraft III, etc. Those days are long gone. The "good" Blizzard was gone by 2010 I would say, probably even earlier than that.

So, there you have it. If you continue to support this company, then you are supporting gaming industry greed at its worst.

Thanks for reading, I needed to get this off my chest. Über feels a bit better now.

I might eventually update this post with my personal experiences around W3, and give the current shitshow some context.

I am Über, the craziest Über ever.

FTL forever

Onwards comrades!
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