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CHF bot
khan_meDate: Tuesday, 23-May-2017, 1:25 PM | Message # 1
Group: Users
Messages: 63
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Reputation: 273
Status: Offline
Hello guys Official chf bot will no longer run sad  because the services we were using no longer do Hosting anymore... How ever i do have a good news for the CHF fans. one of my friend is working on it so hopefully in few days chf will be running back to normal with additional bots etc.. I WAS AWAY FOR 5 MONTHS I AM BACK! cool

I think I best player in the world ty np )()()()()()()()(

[̲̲̅̅D̲̲̅̅a̲̲̅̅n̲̲̅̅G̲̲̅̅e̲̲̅̅r̲̲̅̅O̲̲̅̅u̲̲̅̅S̲̲̅̅] ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ KhAN-╤───

l3etuceDate: Tuesday, 23-May-2017, 4:03 PM | Message # 2
Group: Game Mod
Messages: 218
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Reputation: 791
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Hey Khan -  are you referring to Bio bot or you are trying also to set up a new CHF bot ? I may suggest if you can work with Bio and have 1 chf bot running versus 2 or more CHF bots.  great work tho . thumbs up for Khan- and Bio trying to make CHF bot work again.


I love green leetuce
FirNesSDate: Tuesday, 23-May-2017, 6:16 PM | Message # 3
Robotic Ninja
Group: Game Mod
Messages: 2421
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Reputation: 3666
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Yeah please don't make 2 bots, it wouldn't fill fast enough
But ty for your implication

Bio-AssAUltDate: Tuesday, 23-May-2017, 8:14 PM | Message # 4
Head Administrator
Group: Administrators
Messages: 490
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Reputation: 593
Status: Offline
I'm already having the system built. It's already paid for. Bond and I have it under control, thank you though.

Added (23-May-2017, 8:14 PM)
They should have been up already but a bit complicated. It's being worked on as we speak though.

jonathan290Date: Tuesday, 01-Aug-2017, 1:04 AM | Message # 5
Group: Clan Members
Messages: 490
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Reputation: 360
Status: Offline
Is any bot up right now?
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