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Jeriko - Ability List (1)
JerikoDate: Monday, 29-Nov-2010, 6:39 PM | Message # 1
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These abilities are memory leak free, and should all work with CHF.
They have been reworked from their previous form, and some of them haved changed.
Different than before, I will post abilities in pairs of 6, all at once. I will never post more than 6 abilities on one post for these main reasons:
1)Master-Hero won't have to continually update my list
2)It's easier if people don't have to keep referring back to one list to see if there are new abilities. Rather, now, if you see a new post (i.e. Jeriko - Ability List (2)) then you'll know that I have a new list out.
3) It's more organized in my opinion.
(My old "Jeriko - Ability List" will soon be deleted. All new posts will have the suffix of (#) to distinguish themselves)

Message edited by Jeriko - Monday, 29-Nov-2010, 6:48 PM
Master-HeroDate: Tuesday, 30-Nov-2010, 11:35 AM | Message # 2
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Good idea!
Also ur old thread would not be deleted, but only removed to recycle bin wink

Inactive mod.
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