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Forum » CHF Development and Discussion » Heros, Abilities, and Items » Skill Changes/Buffs/Ideas
Skill Changes/Buffs/Ideas
innDate: Sunday, 14-Jun-2020, 0:05 AM | Message # 1
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Buff the channeling ultimates (Starfall, Lightning Storm, Stampede, Sea of Flames, Mass Lasso)
- Starfall lasts indefinitely and grows in radius indefinitely, regenerates mana of nearby friendlies
- Lightning Storm dispells in its entire area of effect on cast dealing damage to summoned units
- Stampede summons a unit that automatically/instantly channels Stampede
- Sea of Flames summons a unit that can be moved before being ordered to cast Sea of Flames and has spell immunity until it starts casting
- Mass Lasso also casts ensnare on targets that can't be lasso'd
- Tornado leash range increase
- Tranquility heal per second from 40/130/240 to 80/180/280

- Raging Storm dispels its area on cast dealing damage to summoned
- Lightning Shield cast range x2
- Frost Armor undispellable
- Immolation also burns enemy mana
- Thorns Aura also heals melee allies that attack you for a flat amount (negative spiked carapace)

Add new abilities:
Ice Flurry: Stuns an enemy for 1.2 seconds and deals minor spell damage. Low cooldown (3-6s), above moderate range, no mana cost. Has a small chance to create Ice Bolts (item) for your hero when casted.
( Or just creates several Ice Bolt items that sells for 12.5g each and 0.5 second cast cooldown )

Explosive Retreat: Blink a short distance (300-800) and leave behind an explosion that also damages you if you are too close (not allies). Also triggers an explosion when you use Scroll of Town Portal or Staff of Teleportation.
Liquid Fire (not passive): Toss a fire onto an enemy building that deals damage slowly (20-40s). If used on a Tower, its maximum health is permanently lowered by 3%.
Flak Barrage (blizzard): Bombards a very small area (100-150 radius) with flak, dealing high damage over time (4-7s). Long range(900-1200), doesn't hit buildings.
Aura of Blight: Gives all friendly Undead nearby units a bonus to hit point regeneration. Short range (200-300). Does not affect undead heroes. (Figured this could be a thing considering Death Pact exists)
Burrow Strike (windwalk): Become invisible but you cannot move. Next attack deals high backstab damage. Long fade time (2.5-1.5s). Requires melee hero or melee hero fades instantly and ranged fades much longer than 2.5-1.5s
Lottery Bash (bash): 1-2% chance to stun an enemy for a very long time
Polymorph (+dummy rejuv): Turns a friendly target into a sheep. They restore health over the duration (lasts longer on units).
Corruption Wave (breath of frost): Expel a wave that travels slowly (200-300 missile speed) in a line and causes damage over time to enemies it hits. Long range.(moves like shockwave rather than a cone, no direct damage)

Note: Number ranges can either be lvl 1-6 values or base values

Message edited by inn - Wednesday, 17-Jun-2020, 11:06 AM
Bond009Date: Saturday, 11-Jul-2020, 10:40 PM | Message # 2
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I like some of these but will have to wait for 4.1b on some, my list is getting overwhelmingly long now. lol

Forum » CHF Development and Discussion » Heros, Abilities, and Items » Skill Changes/Buffs/Ideas
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