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Skill Changes/Buffs/Ideas - Forum

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Skill Changes/Buffs/Ideas
innDate: Sunday, 14-Jun-2020, 0:05 AM | Message # 1
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Buff the channeling ultimates (Starfall, Lightning Storm, Stampede, Sea of Flames, Mass Lasso)
- Starfall lasts indefinitely and grows in radius indefinitely, regenerates mana of nearby friendlies
- Lightning Storm dispells in its entire area of effect on cast dealing damage to summoned units
- Stampede summons a unit that automatically/instantly channels Stampede
- Sea of Flames summons a unit that can be moved before being ordered to cast Sea of Flames and has spell immunity until it starts casting
- Mass Lasso also casts ensnare on targets that can't be lasso'd
- Tornado leash range increase
- Tranquility heal per second from 40/130/240 to 80/180/280

- Raging Storm dispels its area on cast dealing damage to summoned
- Lightning Shield cast range x2
- Frost Armor undispellable
- Immolation also burns enemy mana
- Thorns Aura also heals melee allies that attack you for a flat amount (negative spiked carapace)

Add new abilities:
Ice Flurry: Stuns an enemy for 1.2 seconds and deals minor spell damage. Low cooldown (3-6s), above moderate range, no mana cost. Has a small chance to create Ice Bolts (item) for your hero when casted.
( Or just creates several Ice Bolt items that sells for 12.5g each and 0.5 second cast cooldown )

Explosive Retreat: Blink a short distance (300-800) and leave behind an explosion that also damages you if you are too close (not allies). Also triggers an explosion when you use Scroll of Town Portal or Staff of Teleportation.
Liquid Fire (not passive): Toss a fire onto an enemy building that deals damage slowly (20-40s). If used on a Tower, its maximum health is permanently lowered by 3%.
Flak Barrage (blizzard): Bombards a very small area (100-150 radius) with flak, dealing high damage over time (4-7s). Long range(900-1200), doesn't hit buildings.
Aura of Blight: Gives all friendly Undead nearby units a bonus to hit point regeneration. Short range (200-300). Does not affect undead heroes. (Figured this could be a thing considering Death Pact exists)
Burrow Strike (windwalk): Become invisible but you cannot move. Next attack deals high backstab damage. Long fade time (2.5-1.5s). Requires melee hero or melee hero fades instantly and ranged fades much longer than 2.5-1.5s
Lottery Bash (bash): 1-2% chance to stun an enemy for a very long time
Polymorph (+dummy rejuv): Turns a friendly target into a sheep. They restore health over the duration (lasts longer on units).
Corruption Wave (breath of frost): Expel a wave that travels slowly (200-300 missile speed) in a line and causes damage over time to enemies it hits. Long range.(moves like shockwave rather than a cone, no direct damage)

Note: Number ranges can either be lvl 1-6 values or base values

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Bond009Date: Saturday, 11-Jul-2020, 10:40 PM | Message # 2
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I like some of these but will have to wait for 4.1b on some, my list is getting overwhelmingly long now. lol

innDate: Tuesday, 08-Dec-2020, 7:55 PM | Message # 3
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Some more ideas inc soon.

Circle of Annihilation: Creates an area of constant damage for 4 seconds on a random position within 1000-2000 (depends on lvl) radius and has an area of 200. A second circle is created on a random position within 500 radius of you and has an area of only 100. No cooldown. Must channel to maintain the circle. The Circle reveals an area of 300 radius. Relies on heavy mana input for consistency and overall power (meant to create more builds with brilliance aura).

Void Siphon: Heal yourself for an amount based on an enemy target's lack of mana ( % ). Generates and stores a maximum of 1 Energy Charge when used on an enemy. Can be used on an ally to heal them based on their lack of mana (requires and consumes an Energy Charge). (meant to create more builds with draillance aura)

Torrential Tickle: Lose 30% of health and deal damage to an enemy based on the health lost. Each time you use this ability at full health, the damage is very slightly increased (or increased cast range). Costs no mana.
Lose 20% of health and deal damage to an enemy based on the health lost. Very high cast range. Incapable of killing heroes (leaves them at 30% hp). Killing a unit resets the cooldown.

Entropic Bolt: Deal damage to an enemy. Each time this is used by any hero, the damage of Entropic Bolt is increased for all heroes.

Awaken Mountain Giant: Summons an invulnerable Mountain Giant with a MASSIVE amount of health for 20-40 seconds. After expiring (timer, not death), the Mountain Giant instead becomes dormant; unable to move or attack. If your Mountain Giant is dormant when cast, Awaken it. If you have no Mountain Giant, summon one.

Attack Ground: Summon an invulnerable Catapult that attacks the target point once then disappears. Each level increases the attack damage of all Catapults, but you can now only have one Catapult Mercenary. (exactly the same as a merc Catapult including that it scales from attack upgrades, doesn't take dispel damage)

Lightning Sword (orb effect): 40-80% Chance on attack to apply Lightning Shield to the enemy hit.

Perpetual Wind (orb effect, melee only): Chance on attack to apply Cyclone to the enemy hit. Adds flat attack damage (30/50/70/90/110/150).

Bombardment: Reveal an area and randomly place several Markers that expire after a random number of seconds (8-20s). When they expire, they explode and deal area damage.

Unstable Rift: Force an enemy to be teleported to a random location within x range of their original position and become slowed. Small ( 6% ) chance to not trigger a cooldown while also damaging the target. Cast range, teleport range, cooldown chance ( +1% ), and damage increase per level.

Close Quarters: Casting an ability on an enemy or friendly target, or on the ground generates an instant burst of healing energy around the point that affects allies.

Summon Obelisk Statue: Summons a slowly-moving unit with a weak ranged attack. Has an inventory size of 1. If the Statue dies or expires, the next Statue summoned will contain the previous item. The Obelisk Statue rotates between 4 additional effects each time it is summoned; +60% Movement Speed -> +300 Attack Range & +(10/20/30/40/50/60) Attack DamageĀ -> +(18/23/28/33/38/50) Armor -> Spell Immunity. Each level slightly increases movement speed (and overall stats as usual). Level 6 gives it 2 inventory slots.

Summon Light Elementals (Ultimate): Summons several (5/7/10) elementals with x health. Each elemental beyond the first has 300 more health than the previous. When a Light Elemental dies, it heals allies within a medium (400) area around it for (200/250/300). Their attacks have an orb effect with 100% chance to Holy Light vs Undead for +30/60/90 damage. Light Elementals receive +200 additional healing from other Light Elemental deaths. Intended to be a powerful distributed heal when surrounding important friendly targets, against AoE, AoE dispel, or vs units as they can heal each other as well. Units are fairly strong.

Warp Blasts (Ultimate): After channeling for 6 seconds, you can fire up to (4/5/6) healing Blasts by selecting a target anywhere on the map while maintaining the channel. The last Blast teleports you to the target and also heals you. Heals for (300/400/500). (90/80/70) sec cooldown.

Added (15-Dec-2020, 8:27 PM)

Added (15-Dec-2020, 8:42 PM)
Summon Illusion Elemental: Summons 3 weak units. One of the summons will deal damage to its killer.

Flame Strike of DooM (Ultimate, Active, Passive):
ACTIVE: Cast a Flame Strike dealing a total of 1200 damage anywhere on the map. (22/16/10) second delay.
PASSIVE: Cast a Flame Strike dealing a total of 1200 damage when you kill an enemy Hero at the position of their corpse.

Added (21-Dec-2020, 8:40 PM)
Railgun (Storm Bolt): Unleash a line of 12 Bullets that each have 70 less missile speed than the last. Each Bullet deals 15/25/35/50/65/95 Damage and has a ministun.

Added (22-Dec-2020, 8:27 PM)
Hailstorm (Passive, Frost Bolt) - Enemies that enter within 700 and 300 range of your hero are targeted by a Frost Bolt that deals damage and stuns. The 700 range Frost Bolt deals most damage while the 300 range stuns for much longer. Has a 9/8/8/7/7/5 second cooldown per individual target per 700/300 range Hailstorm Bolt.

Toxic Overflow (Ultimate, Crushing Wave, Cast(non-channel)): Unleash waves dealing damage every second for 40/50/60 seconds. The waves follow the same path until the effect expires. 40/30/20 second cooldown.

Added (30-Dec-2020, 0:10 AM)
Guardian's Aura: Grants allies next to you (200 radius) Life Regeneration and Armor. Does not affect yourself.

Hive Mind (Ultimate): For each ally within 600 radius, summon an unkillable but immobile Mind Fiend that attacks enemies in melee range. Mind Fiends last until you cast Hive Mind again. Deals 20% damage to buildings.

Added (30-Dec-2020, 1:18 AM)
Skink Skin: Temporarily gain 50% Spell Damage Resistance for 8/12/16 seconds. Passive: When targeted by a spell, heal for 40/70/100 Health after 4 seconds and 8 seconds.

Added (30-Dec-2020, 6:13 PM)
Shattering Roar (Ultimate): Taunts ALL enemies on the map. They gain 20/50/100% movement speed until they cease attacking you. Level 3: Enemies without an attack try to move towards you. 210/180/150 second cooldown.

Added (31-Dec-2020, 1:40 AM)
TNT Grid: Lays down a 4x4/5x5/6x6/7x7/8x8/9x9 grid of damageable TNT Charges. After 3 seconds, each TNT Charge detonates dealing 40/80/120/160/200/240 damage plus the damage taken by all the TNT Charges x 0.1 / 0.15 / 0.2 / 0.25 / 0.3 / 0.35.

Added (02-Jan-2021, 2:24 AM)
Cyclone of Fire: Toss an enemy or ally into the air. While airborne the target is invulnerable. At the end of the effect, the target takes damage or if the target is friendly, deal damage to enemies in a large area around them. Lasts much shorter on allies.
- Intended to use as a kill steal or weird life saver/unit fodder target for good aoe
- Depending on duration can add "death time" to kills, making it even deadlier than other skills for finishing off an enemy, even if you aren't the one to secure it

Vengeful Eye (Passive): Gain vision of the last enemy that killed you, until something else kills you. If you die twice or more to the same enemy, instantly deal high damage to them. When you die, summon a swarm of Vengeful Eyes.
- Should also deal damage to buildings
- Adds more importance friendly-kill play to benefit off of the ability without giving enemies gold or exp

Sacrificial Pact: Kill your hero to permanently increase a friendly target's health by 2/5/9/14/20/50 and heal them to full health plus 2000 health over 300/220/160/80/20/4 seconds (non-buff/undispellable). Heals other nearby allies for 100/200/200/300/400/600. Can only be used while you are at or below 35% health. No cooldown. 200 Cast range.

Added (09-Jan-2021, 0:43 AM)
Yin Yang Wave (Crushing Wave): Sends a damaging wave forward and a healing wave backward.

Added (11-Jan-2021, 1:36 AM)
Kamikaze!: After 5 seconds, you explode, dealing damage yourself and nearby enemies! During Invulnerability, you can deal damage to yourself only if it would kill you.

Unhindered Drain Life: Instantly begin draining a target's life over time. Does not need to be channeled and continues draining automatically as long as the target is within range. Leash range is 2x further than Drain Life but the amount drained is 1/3rd.

Thor's Nail: Pins an enemy to the ground through spell immunity and invulnerability while dealing Physical damage to them. Melee Range. If the target has Storm Bolt or Thor's Hammer used on them within 10 seconds of being pinned, you create Fragments of Thor's Hammer. at your base corner that can be combined to create a full Thor's Hammer.

Hurl Boulder: Toss a rock at an enemy, dealing damage stunning them for a brief moment while knocking them back.

Shady Elixir: Imbues a friendly non-Hero unit to add an effect to their next unit-targeted spell. When they target another ally (including a Hero), they transfer this effect to them and heal them for a small amount. Each time the Enchantment is applied, the amount healed increases. When an imbued target dies, the Enchantment jumps to their killer and detonates, dealing damage proportional to the heal amount accumulated.

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innDate: Friday, 05-Feb-2021, 0:44 AM | Message # 4
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Incineration Aura - Allies within range trigger an AoE explosion on death. Friendly Heroes trigger a bigger explosion.

Warp Tower - Marks an area and warps in a Tower after 10/9.5/9/8.5/8/7.5 seconds. Warp Towers phase out of reality after 40 seconds or when destroyed. (similar to an Arcane Tower but less damage)

Conduit (replaces Zoz/Lightning Shield) - Energizes a friendly target with static that constantly lashes out at nearby enemies. (Give an ally phoenix fire effect for a duration)

Added (14-Feb-2021, 11:00 AM)
Chaos Gate (ultimate) - Opens a Rift linked to your Hero. Every 2 seconds a hostile lesser Demon appears at both the Gate and your Hero. You can collapse the Gate, teleporting yourself to it and unleashing a plethora of hostile greater Demons on both ends. If the Gate naturally expires, greater Demons do not enter your realm. These demons are not 'summons'.

Targeting Protocol - Marks a small area or non-Spell Immune enemy unit permanently. When you type "-BOOM", all marked areas & targets will be bombarded after 1 second and their marks removed.

Pocket Portal - Toggles your inventory, replacing it with the Pocket Portal's. The Pocket Portal generates random consumables over time.

Sand Nova - Instantly deals damage in an area around an enemy. Enemies hit have their inventory filled with useless sand. Piles of Sand also appear randomly around the target, blocking movement. Long cast range but low damage.

Perpetual Swarm (passive) - Every 3.5/3/2.5/2/1.5/1 seconds, you generate a Flood Worm. Flood Worms are either melee or ranged, however all move at maximum speed and most have minuscule health amounts. Melee worms explode on death. Ranged worms have a weak but stackable poison attack. You may have a maximum of 10 worms. When your Worm count is below 2/2/3/4/5/6, two are spawned instead of one. Worms do not work with Covert Ops. (and also have a bounty of 1 gold)

(worms can be great at absorbing mindless ranged attacks and AoE effects by shear count e.g. Chain Lightning/Forked Lightning. another strategy is to remain in your base and kill off your own worms of types you do not want so that you can have a small army of a single type of worm to do a specific task)

FirNesSDate: Tuesday, 16-Feb-2021, 7:06 AM | Message # 5
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dude never gives up

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