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Balance Suggestions
t33vs1erDate: Thursday, 04-Apr-2019, 3:15 PM | Message # 1
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Hey there. Here is a list of suggested balance changes and potential positive changes for the game. Many of these suggestions have been reflected upon, and have been discussed in the discord channel, where the most active players reside.

Many of us are grown ups, so none of the these suggestions are meant to give experienced (type of)  players any particular benefits. If we wanted easy wins, we would stack up vs noobs in every single game. If you guys have played recently, you will notice that there is most of the time an attempt to balance the game by either spreading out good players to different teams or make two stacked teams (so that pubs can benefit from backstabbing etc while the two good teams are preoccupied with each other).

The vibe in most games is far superior than years ago with less rude players, less players who want to humiliate others. Additionally many good players seek to help out newer players than before - many pubs are now trying to golem, with different success rates. Golems is by no means the winning strategy and few people cry for its imbalance - I know very few active players who do.

Here are some suggestions for balance:
- Make UIM into a mode that has to be voted in like SSD. It really is not cool to get the message that it is uim during mass when you clearly have not picked uim spells. Same goes for the other way around. It just creates an imbalanced game.

- Donation - has to be nerfed, but you have already said you have done so.

- Max one donation per player. Once a player gets 2x donation, it becomes REALLY hard to counter, especially now that you find games where at least 2 teams have dono (and you can only focus one at the time allowing the other team to get the trap going + 2 or more terror towers), with the occasional 3 teams having dono. They make such boring games!

- Max 1 or 2 base vault per teams. That trap dono players do, is so hard to counter, especially for pubs. You need to buy an item in the secret shop that no pubs know off. The item also costs way too much. I therefore suggest max 2 base vaults per team, or increase the cooldown of when the next base vault is being available drastically.

- Goatzilla... that one is just made to die! Make it range and up its HP a bit. At least make it range. Regarding the bash... nobody cared about it anyway.

- Scroll of the beast - I have suggested that they cost 100 gold less. However other players have suggested that buying one gives you 3 scrolls rather than 2 (like in FF 5.5). I am fine with both.

- Newts are a bit too cheap, 100 gold more would be appropriate. You may if you insist make them cost 2 food, but 3 food is overkill. I know very few who have complained about newts recently, most people complain about donation. I think 100 gold more expensive is the right nerf.

- Summons needs a buff. Two hits with jammy and they are dead! like a whole army of them! Now that's some weak stuff. The only good thing with summons is that they are good for uim... because they are so weak! The jammy needs to use more waves of dispell to reduce them (only problem here is that avatar of vengeance minion will then become super-op, so we need to fine a way to make jammy equally efficient against them). Their attack could be upped too. I also suggest that many of the summons are granted magic immunity at a lower level such as level 5 instead of 6.

- Resurrection is too op in UIM, lets face it.

- Some people have complained about Xmute being too strong. I don't know really...

- More magic resistance to certain teched unit - level 16 aoe still destroys tier3-4 units with 2 waves... that's OP.

My suggestions.

Forum » CHF Development and Discussion » Balancing Current Game Content » Balance Suggestions
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