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Ideas for CHF improvment
khan_meDate: Thursday, 04-Apr-2019, 4:04 PM | Message # 1
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I have been thinking & thinking ways to improve Map "Custom Hero Footies. I will share my ideas on ways to make this map even better ! So here are few of my ideas listed below.

  • Reduce newt food from 3 to 2. In v4.1 a lot of people dont play this because Golems are so weak here and donation again seems to be like the best pick...
  • Increase the hp for Amute , speed of boots , healing potion , so players cant kill it at start of game
  • Uim mode should be voted at start game just like any other mode.
  • maybe remove sheep? it has ruined many games.
  • Delay the countdown of rat from 20 sec to 5
  • Bring back flame damage ? , in inhouse donation is too op
    fast aoe cannot do anythinghero lvl 6 in inhouse and stay base is win lolif other hero lvl6 same aoe still too weak for vs donation
  • Add command for players "-pool" 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10 , 11 ,12 . This command  pool all of there gold automatic till they type -pool    ( just like footmen frenzy 5.5)
  • When a player gets second Hero they cannot pick the same spells which they picked for first hero. I think that would be a great idea to balance donation, because I see a lot of players get 2,3 hero with donation ..
  • Add -swap command ? This command is for swapping the hero with your team mate. 5.5 have this command also.
  •  Add automatic mana restoration in base?. A lot of new players unshare control which then makes it harder to win fight vs mass tp, tech players & golemers
  •  Remove the hp reduction from heros when players use Rod on them, its already very deadly item. pros just clone turtle and eat when sleep is nearly over.
  •  Allow clone turtle & lizzard pyo to eat newts
  • Restrict Spell "Mind rape" to control players pet
  • Add 4 deadly wards , this way game is much more balanced from all sides
  • Increase the limit of -zoom to 3000+
  • Lock units in base till the mass

I think I best player in the world ty np )()()()()()()()(

[̲̲̅̅D̲̲̅̅a̲̲̅̅n̲̲̅̅G̲̲̅̅e̲̲̅̅r̲̲̅̅O̲̲̅̅u̲̲̅̅S̲̲̅̅] ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ KhAN-╤───

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t33vs1erDate: Thursday, 04-Apr-2019, 5:12 PM | Message # 2
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I subscribe to these suggestions, as well as still vouching for my own in my thread.
Bond009Date: Thursday, 04-Apr-2019, 11:33 PM | Message # 3
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Many of these in the email you sent and a lot are already done in 4.1 or planned. I'll touch on more detail too but for donation and flame strike there is no reason to leave a spell OP because of donation being a problem. Donation should be fixed as being the problem but not leave something OP just because it could easily counter it. No AoE spell should do over 1000 damage. You guys have to agree that is nuts because its not even a channeling spell like blizzard, it takes like 1 sec to cast and your out. I think in 4.1 it does like 900 dmg which is still OP but at least its a little step in the right direction. Dooms. and Khan you gotta suck it up man and move forward smile stop hosting 4.0a it has so many bugs.
Its still a strong spell its just not as ridiculous as it was before lol

A lot of that is already done for upcoming ver

Adam_CZDate: Friday, 05-Apr-2019, 8:02 AM | Message # 4
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My last game CHF was more than two years ago, but I have very good memory and I still remember a lot of thins. If you want hear my ideas... read please!

1) Staff Of Silence: In my opinion very usefull item, especially for beginners and new players, who play only with one hero and dont have skills for micro rats. But area of this item is VERY VERY small Bond. Increase it please.

2) Divine net: Very usefull item. They only one possible way for counter divine shield. But if hero who have spell "divine shield" use item "amulet spell of shield" you cant catch him with divine net. But divine net is ITEM, not SPELL. Can you fix it Bond? In new version item "amulet spell of shield" will not save you against item "divine net". Is it possible? It will improve CHF a lot. 

3) Doom ultimate spell: level 2 and level 3 is weaker than level 1. Because lvl 2+3 is not working on Jammy High Priest. I remember we spoke with Bond and he said there is nothing what he can do about it, because there is some Blizzard bug. 

Anyway point 1 and 2 alteast please... and sorry for my very band english :-/

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Forum » CHF Development and Discussion » Balancing Current Game Content » Ideas for CHF improvment
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