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WC3-4Life / Custom Hero Footies!!!

WC3-4Life(not filling) or Warcraft 3 Reforged-fast filling ? - Forum

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WC3-4Life(not filling) or Warcraft 3 Reforged-fast filling ?
ZiZi-____-ZiZiDate: Saturday, 08-Aug-2020, 1:01 PM | Message # 1
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WC3-4Life bot-host CHF is filled very slow, 2 hours and still not filled.  cry
I want to play CHF  but the problem is no people... i have tried many times, almost impossible to fill 12 players
So I play Warcraft 3 Reforged - Footmen Frenzy, survival chaos and many other maps, and they fill up fast.

I wish the old days when it was full really fast and now it is empty all day.
Too bad CHF is not on Reforged Warcraft 3, there are people, there is a game  biggrin

CHF for life :) ^^

Message edited by ZiZi-____-ZiZi - Monday, 10-Aug-2020, 1:08 PM
DooMsDate: Sunday, 16-Aug-2020, 4:21 PM | Message # 2
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What a good idea man, HOST CHF on reforged ! we did not think about it before, ur a genius. would you have invented hot water? Join the discord server clown and read what bond wrote about that.
Bond009Date: Sunday, 16-Aug-2020, 11:07 PM | Message # 3
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ZiZi-____-ZiZi, You really should get more active on the discord with us, its the only way to coordinate games and see when they are filling and tell others to join etc..
I think you are already in the group but sign on more often! smile

I'm sure you tried hosting CHF on reforged and you see it doesn't work so well right? Nothing anyone can do about that except Blizzard. But I hear they are fixing the issue they made in the next big update in a few months with patch 1.33 I would say 1-3 months, never know with them they are pieces of shit these days lol.

In the mean time come on and play some games with us but post on the discord when you play so people can see and come on to join you. Its the only way to fill games for now until we can get on reforged again.

FirNesSDate: Sunday, 22-Nov-2020, 4:19 PM | Message # 4
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At least you managed to make WC3-4life server work  biggrin

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