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WC3-4Life / Custom Hero Footies!!!

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Views: 4317 | Added by: Master-Hero | Date: 15-Feb-2011

Views: 1230 | Added by: Cheesy-Gordia | Date: 01-Jan-2011

Merry Christmas to everyone and we from the site wish you a very happy christmas!
Views: 1196 | Added by: Master-Hero | Date: 24-Dec-2010

Dear users as you all know, this year will soon pass...
I want to inform you that will we soon make poll to pick user of this year!
Be nice to others, help, share love and stay cool!

Winner will receive "User of the Year" award and bonus 50 reputation points!
Me and Bond009 can't be picked so don't worry about cheating :D

You are free to post suggestions (users) here or by sending me PM!
More info when time come!

Thanks and have a nice day!
Views: 1344 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 14-Dec-2010

Ancient Footman Wars 1.0

Brings you totally new footman battle between ancient armies, play as champion of your army, craft awesome items, level up your skills and defeat army of your enemies!
For more info check www.hiveworkshop.com.

For more information check: http://chf.ucoz.com/forum/48-369-1

Because this thread become hot really fast and is constantly edited I decided to put informations about it here!

Have a nice day!
Views: 1669 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 14-Dec-2010

Say greetings to new forum moderators:

Hosted Maps (Cheesy-Gordia => Hosted Projects Director)
Clan Heaven (Master-Hero
=> Clan Director)
Development Forums (Vampirism_Fire
=> Development Director)
Warcraft (bop240
=> Resources Director)
Entertainment (mb53
=> Entertainment Director)

From now on for any problems in forums you should contact them!
Good luck guys!

Thanks and ... Read more »
Views: 3194 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 03-Nov-2010

As you can see staff member tile size is increased and color changed!
All users can see their rank icon above user group and below avatar!

Also I changed some text colors and added bold effects!

Have a good day
Views: 1378 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 30-Oct-2010

Hello dear users, we are searching for new staff members that will help us working with community!
Moderators are requested here:
Hosted Maps (Cheesy-Gordia)
Development Forums ... Read more »
Views: 1650 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 26-Oct-2010

Guys JPEG Image file type ruined current User Groups images :p
I will create new ones, they will look like those but better for sure, With some more effects!
Also I will create Banned User Group Icons 2, hope never to use it!

Be sure to check poll
Poll last 1 week!

Post your suggestion http://chf.ucoz.com/forum/34-69-1 <- there
Also any new ideas will be welcome.
Views: 1194 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 15-Oct-2010

Greetings, my friends, guests and users.
I want to present http://www.roh2.ucoz.com/ site to you!
Maybe you know, maybe you don't but ucoz community can join to any site with same email and password!
Be free to explore both sites and help ucoz community to grow!

As thanks ucoz community already removed search engines blockade (until this month you needed to pay for it)

I linked both sites so lets rock :p

Have a good day,
Views: 1148 | Added by: -Kobas- | Date: 15-Oct-2010

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